I can feel the tension as the Solstice ritual looms into the very near future. I still have a number of things to take care of, and so got a move on on a few principle items we’re going to need that I hadn’t assembled yet.

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The first was very simply I needed an easel which practitioners could use to create their sigils in ritual on the flash paper I purchased for the event. Jenny and I also headed over to Turning Wheel after my chiropractor visit to pick up a few last minute items. She got a set of I-Ching coins we also need for the ritual, and I picked up a few new stones, some for her, some for me.

I grabbed a piece of quartz I was drawn to in particular, and I found during our unpacking that I’d been cupping it in my left hand with the point right in my palm chakra, and after a minute or so of that it had left my whole hand abuzz and tingly for a few minutes after. So, I made it the second crystal “antennae” on my Abundance Earth Jar, and here’s hoping it cranks things up another notch.


The Earth Jar was actually made using an amalgamation of two different spells from Frater Xavier’s (paid) program The Secrets of Wealth, which I highly recommend, but for the two Honey Jars (one for myself and one for Lodge) I made today, I basically lifted it right from his (free) YouTube video.

Now, while I could list all the ingredients I used, that would almost feel like I was stealing (at least content) from him, so instead if you want to do this operation too, I recommend checking that spell out (and his entire video catalog really, if you’re not already familiar with his Mind & Magick Mystery School channel) as I’ll mostly just note the tweaks I made to what he already lays out.

Whenever possible I like to use the real deal best materials and ingredients for spells and such that I can, but anywhere I happen to fall short, I just try to make up with an (almost apologetic) extra effort at imparting Intention. As far as portions go, I didn’t agonize over it, but just shot for four even portions (pinches, scoops, leaves, etc) of each sort of herb and spice into the “cauldron”.


I then went to town for a few minutes with the wife’s mortal and pestle, and got all those herbs ground up into a really nice “mulch” (not quite a powder but close). Basically I just worked at it until it felt “done”.


Moving to the jars, I first began by coating the inside of each of them with Road Opener oil I’d gotten at CCC (to attract new opportunities) then with Money oil (for obvious reasons) and finally with Abundance oil (so as to keep us all, not only in Abundant Wealth, but in abundant opportunities for more…). The latter two oils had come from Turning Wheel.

I also added a coil of copper wire to each jar as well. I figured it couldn’t do any harm, and since the theory of orgonite is that it’s the suspension of the inorganic within an organic compound that traps negative energy and converts it to positive, it struck me that a bit of copper suspended in a big jar of pollinated bee spit was potentially the same set-up. So, what the hell, in it went…

Now, the spell also calls for a sympathetic link, so for my personal jar I went with Frater Xavier’s suggestion and chose four fingernail clippings from my left (the receiving) hand, and yes, I didn’t include the middle finger, as that’s Saturn’s finger, and again I’m not trying to restrict anything. For the Lodge’s jar, I chose a nifty little shard of wood that was from the (lightning-kissed) piece of black oak that Richard and Kerry had given me to make my Fire Wand from. That seemed an appropriate sympathetic link between myself (as the jar’s creator) and O.T.O. in the mutual seeking of infinite fraternal success. That’s the idea anyway…


Now, I only created a Statement of Intent for my own jar, as I included an actual Statement of Intent in the ritual’s opening lines, so the Lodge jar is covered in that respect. I’m not going to show what I specifically wrote for mine (on brown paper with a lead pencil), but on the reverse I put all my personal sigils that are part of my daily affirmations and (in theory) connect this operation to me Astrally that much more.


I then began to add the honey to both jars (planning to do it in four stages) and then adding the herb concoction four pinches at a time to each. Many spells call for placing the Statement of Intent under the jar in temple, but for me, after a brief meditation, I just read the statement aloud, signed it with both my civil and magickal name, sealed it closed with the oil mixture and dropped it right in my jar.


The honey was actually our new Body Master‘s contribution to this ritual, and she chose a very interesting au natural sort of brand. It’s still certainly sweet, but is a lot different than something you might squeeze out of a plastic bear. For my purposes, it was thick, but still liquid enough to easily pour, so I thought it worked out great for this process.

After adding honey and herb three more times, I got the Lodge’s jar filled almost to the tippy top, leaving just enough room for us to splash some charged water in there during the ritual. The spell calls for a lodestone, which I did include in my jar, but for the Lodge’s I attached an actual magnet to the underside of the lid. This connects to a magnet I have in the base of the candle holder I’ll be using, so I’ll be able to use the actual candle to remove the lid without having to set it down on the altar (but with two hands can easily remove the candle from the lid when it’s time to put the top of the jar on (permanently).


Magnet on the underside of the lid


Magnet in the holder. Open sesame!

There was actually just enough honey to top off both jars, and enough herb concoction ground up that I don’t think either jar is going wanting.


I then screwed the lids on. My jar’s lid is on tight and isn’t going anywhere, but the one for Lodge is on there only tight enough to keep the interior lid tight and prevent spillage.


Those are some sweet Honey jars!

Then it was on the creating the actual Wealth candles which will be lit in offering for  each jar. Now, the beeswax sheets I ordered comes in packs of two, but upon opening it, I found both sheets had a big crack three quarters of the way across the bottom section, and both had a hole and cracked pieces from some sort of impact in transit that occurred somewhere between the manufacturer and my doorstep. However, with a little massaging, I was able to mush the less damaged of the two sheets back into a relatively solid shape.


I again anointed the sheet with the three oils I’d just used on the jars (and in the same order), and then sprinkled on the rest of the (powdery-ish) bits of the same herb concoction across the wax surface, and then just used an old brush to smear everything around evenly. I should be able to get two decently sized candles out of this one sheet.


However, since candle magick is technically a burnt offering, I decided to add an extra little feature to this, and using a bag of money drawing incense, I inscribed the Infinite Fraternal Success sigil across the surface. My hope is this will create a very attractive scent once the candle has been lit.


I actually spent some time thinking about which side would be best to roll the candles up from, and determined if I rolled it up from the left, then looking down on it from the top the sheet would be spiraled clockwise (drawing energy to it). So, I stretched out a length of wick (which was also included with the beeswax sheets) and began to slowly, slowly a bit at a time, roll it up. Once I got to the cracked section I was rolling it up in two different sections, but I took my time and kept it as even as I could.


Since this candle is to be burnt up during ritual time, I rolled it fairly loosely, so that the candle should in theory burn through faster. I highly doubt the candle will burn all the way through in the course of the feast, and will have to be relighted later at a different time (or temple), but if the whole thing is somehow gone in under an hour, so much the better.


I sliced the sheet in half with a fresh (and hot) exacto blade, then spent a few minutes (with the aid of a lighter) to mush the bottom few inches into a smaller cylinder so it would fit into the prepared candle holder, and got it to fit nicely.


I then repeated the process for my “home” candle, but this time I rolled it a little bit tighter, since I’m less worried about burning time for this one, and once complete it fit into a wider candle holder just fine. I debated carving the sigil into the side of each candle, but decided against it. One, the sheet is very fragile, and cutting into it would risk damaging the larger candle… and two, I enjoy the beautiful unbroken repetition of the hexagons, which in gold is a far more apt Solar expression than anything I could muster. And anyway… the incense sigil still looms out from beneath as well… so all is well…


Magick Wealth Candles

Then, just for fun, I look the little nub of wax I’d sliced off and mashed it into a little tetrahedron shaped candle. With the mold techniques I’ve been experimenting with lately, I bet I could come up with some pretty nifty candles if I put my mind to it.


Then, to round out the evening, I actually broke out the Barkeeper’s Friend, and gave my Air Dagger a good polishing, as I found there were still smudges left over from where Jenny held it during Wimsaur‘s Equinox ritual three months ago. How embarrassing…


My portable magickal altar and sacred weapons

Next, I need to tackle the interior (and later exterior) of this wooden case, which will soon become my “mobile altar” which I can also store and carry my sacred weapons around in. But for now, I’m done for the evening.

Any yeah, another day of chakra exercising yoga and hitting the four stages of Resh, and I was jacked up all day. I could really get used to this lifestyle of Abundance.


Thursday 6/16/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Scorpio-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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