The New Year rang in swiftly, and already 2019 is in full swing. Would you believe this week was already quite eventful? It’s left me with a lot to think about concerning the year ahead…

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Full disclosure, I’m pretty sick today so want to keep this brief and get back to bed…

Episode 17 of Blackspire launched this week, which will end up being the last new episode for a while. I’ll still working out with Jim as to when we’ll do our next side session… and I need to start rethinking what to do with that podcast going forward… perhaps even moving the Season Two (when we get there) exclusively to Patreon… I have to think about it.

A Feast of Empty Plates: Pt 3 (S01E17)

I did hit 800 unique listens this week, which may not sound like much, but hopefully people are enjoying the show, even if it’s just a handful. However, something’s going to have to take a backseat sooner or later, and given how much work goes into Blackspire by comparison to everything else on my plate, that’s probably the first to be affected.

Aaron and I will be recording our next episode of Adventure Hook next week, though it won’t release for another month still. It’ll be good to get back to doing those episodes as they really get my creative juices flowing, and though I know numbers on that are similar to Blackspire, both have lots of room to grow, especially since the episode of new podcast Running the Table I guest spotted on recently should be releasing this month, to say nothing of when those Red Moon episodes go up (which I’m still waiting to receive a few recording for).

Additionally, the Temple of the Western Gate stuff as been on my mind quite a bit of late, and I’m trying to think of different ways Brother Enlil and myself can help “demystify all this mysticism” or “de-occult” things as research Mark Passio would put it, and specifically I’ve been catching up again on the work of ITC researcher Steve Huff, who seems to continue making strides in the R&D department, and the advances he’s made building his own spirit communication devices is pretty compelling. That being said, Brother Enlil has more than enough technical know-how, to say nothing of his magician’s perspective, and so together we may have just the right combination to push things to the next level…

It actually came to me as I was writing this now, one day we have to build an Enochian Angelbox… yikes… one step at a time here…

While there does seem to be some hurdles and potentially a great deal of extra work coming my way in my day job this year, the potential long term benefits I am chalking up to new opportunities for Abundance. The being said I’ll either going to have to start working harder every day, or scaling a few projects back… probably both.

Still, this week I hit 500 subscribers to my YouTube Channel… which I have to admit isn’t nothing. This is interesting in one respect, as while there is over 13,000 views currently on my first video, there are less than 500 views on my last video in the playlist. So yeah, I have more people subscribing than actually watch everything…

Still, that finally became impetus enough to start work on editing the (dreaded) next video in the series, which is from my lecture back on November. It needed lots of work, but after a brief reacquainting myself with Lightworks I buckled down and managed to get the first video edited together into Magick 201 Pt 3… which is hopefully something that’s actually watchable.

I’ve also started on the Magick 201 Pt 4 edits from the same talk, and once I have that one finished I’ll post both videos and it’s be super cool if they suddenly got 500 views… though I’m not holding my breath. I’m actually more excited to get to the Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual, which is arguably my best talk. That of COURSE had technical hiccups, so I only have video for the first hour, but I have (shitty) audio for the last half hour or so, so at least I have it.

So yes, again I am reminder of my limitations. I am not a videographer, a slick graphic editor, or a sound guy. I’m not even a good blogger, I almost never remember to document anything I do while I’m doing it. But it’s not like anyone’s going to do any of that stuff for me, so I suppose I just have to keep trying to get better at it.

Because… in addition to the Baltimore Friends of IONs, now the Aquarian Bookshop in Richmond, Virgina as apparently shown some interest in having me come give a talk there as well. Both of these would be later in the year of course (if I do them at all) but I’ve been looking for more ways to be of service to my fellow man, and these seem like excellent opportunities.

Maybe make a few more videos too..?


Saturday 1/5/19-

Sun: Capricorn–

Moon: Sagittarius (NEW)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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