Thanksgiving behind us, the Holidays ahead… and I’ve been hard at work since Mercury went Retrograde a few weeks ago to revisit things that need my attention… only to realize how long a list of things really could use that attention…

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I still was glad of the break of Thanksgiving to spend some time with my family, especially our little nephew who is really just starting to learn to speak. We’ll see him again at my sister’s in DC this Christmas, so we have that to look forward to… but with the holidays looming that also means my next lecture at the Theosophical Society on December 16th is also fast approaching.

That class I’m calling Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual, and I’ll basically go over the components of creating and performing ceremonial magick from start to finish. Jenny thinks giving the timing of that particular class, I should then actually perform a Winter Solstice ritual as an example of implementing the structure I’d just explained. I’ve have terrible luck any time I’ve actually tried to record a magick ritual, but it’s a good idea regardless.

In truth I already have the massive  Thelemic Tea Ceremony and Equinox/Solstice Feast ritual I’d written back in 2016 which has some great parts I could adapt, but I think so long as I get the “laundry list” parts explained (and recorded) I’ll have something worthwhile to make another YouTube video out of.

Still, the number of subscribers continues to creep up, and I’m now close to hitting 500 (which is half way to the point where I might actually start getting paid for these). With the Magick 201 Part 3 and 202 Formula of Rituals added, in theory I might actually get there before this time next year…

It is kind of interesting that I actually have more subscribers than the last video I produced has actual views. Not that I’m complaining mind you, it looks like almost 400 people have made it all the way through my material, and if really only 4 people “got it” and 1 person applies it… then it’s already done a good.

I continue to struggle with the AI algorithms that pass for Amazon’s customer service people. It’s never been so hard to prove I actually create my own artwork, and/or have the rights to the properties my works feature. I’ll keep at it, and maybe one of these weeks I’ll actually have some links to share. I took Jenny’s advice and renamed one of the more “troublesome” titles… so maybe its new generic name will get past the bots… fingers crossed…

And of course, it was great to have the latest Adventure Hook episode go live. I’m really very proud of this week’s episode. In this one Aaron and I discuss introducing Theme when crafting RPG stories as we use Arthurian legend to explore ideas of the Divine Feminine, as well as the polarities of Abundance vs. Scarcity and Severity vs. Mercy (which are of course of interest to those studying magick)… In a way I think it might be out best show to date…

But to kick things off that episode we first share our advice to first-time Game Masters (GMs) which hopefully will start being shared among the gamer community… as “First Time GM Advice” probably one of the most common questions I see pop up in those Facebook RPG forums.

Episode 15: The Witch in the Hunting Grounds

I also actually hadn’t taken a turn since Episode 11, so I dove in and did the edits on Adventure Hook – Episode 16: The Fool’s Errand. This was the episode we used the 5 Room Dungeon template created by RPG guru JohnnFour of  and first made popular on 1d4chan.

This will get me caught up on that show through the season break (January) Aaron wants to take, and I’m thinking more and more that I’ll do the same for Blackspire. However, Aaron and I also recorded our “Christmas with Cthulhu” episode with our second special guest: Chris Lackey co-host of the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast, and I think it went really great. Chris seemed to have fun  and I think we came up with some cool ideas.

I even went ahead and mocked up the promo(s) for it. While Aaron doesn’t seem to be a fan, I actually really like it, and especially once you hear the episode you may understand how creepy awesome it is.

There’s two versions below. The one with the standing stones was an attempt at appeazement, but then I realized how much I like having a variant of it with the Skin-Taker instead (per the Candle Cove Creepypasta which came up in the show).

Whether we end up using my version as the final or not, I’m done with any major Adventure Hook responsibilities until the New Year at least.

And listener-ship of Blackspire continues to rise. It may be a small consolation, but Season 1: Episode 1 just crested 100 unique downloads this week. Which there is certainly atrophy once Episode 14 is reached, compared to my YouTube drop offs my podcast loyalty is likely more consistent. Who can say though, at best I can narrow listens down to the State (US only).

And that sweet lead time I bought myself two weeks ago has already started to evaporate. I’ve only editted through S1E15 and that’s already gone live on Patreon this week. That means I have until Dec 9th to have S1E16 done (which currently it’s not even really started) though I may try tackling that this coming weekend, especially since the BRUW Crew plans to get together for some non-Blackspire gaming, and I may try to get the intro for 16 knocked out.

Otherwise I may just do another track myself as Master Botichelli… I already have a MKKM for 17…

Still, I think perhaps the best use of my time in the weeks since Mercury went retrograde is the rather colossal effort I put into getting things with the Red Moon Roleplaying To Baator & Back sessions cleaned up and ready for final edits. Not only did I finish the rewrite on all four character’s backstories (totaling well over 20,000 words in all) but I’ve also figured out even more elaborate ways to weave those recordings together through the seven episodes in what I hope should be some pretty compelling ways. Crossover was always a goal of the original write ups (that the PCs would discover in game) but the way they promise to blend into something really special has got me excited. Additionally I’ve also figured out/written out where and how each episode will have its own intro/outro material, and lastly I figured out all the various little scenes that need additional recorded material to be dropped in.

To accomplish that though, I first needed to finish the clean up edits on the actual tracks, and so I’ve spent many countless hours piecing those nightmare tacks together into something solid, clean, and listenable. It took many, many days, but I’ve managed to get through all seven episodes (which each average about an hour in length) and now I feel pretty confident I can send off my scripts to Aaron and the three RMR guys… though in truth I’ll probably sleep on it an try to get that knocked out tomorrow.

The work is done, but another round of proofing is bound to turn up stuff needing revisions. Plus, there are semi-complicated instructions to draft, and other stuff I’d rather think through more (and not rush). I’ve juggled a lot of balls here and structured things well enough it won’t pay to explain it all sloppily…

But once that stuff is away, I can take a break from the To Baator & Back stuff until I have everybody’s recordings (and remember, that’s 20,000+ words, which is a few hours of record time at least) and hopefully knock S1E16 & 17 out before too long.

I mean I have raw tracks through S1E22, but even getting through 19 finished before the end of December would buy me through the end of February (assuming I take that mid-season break)…

Which I guess would buy me the time I’d need to work on those Theosophical Society lectures and get the videos up on YouTube… work hard so I have more time to work…

And see, I didn’t even mention Temple of the Western Gate this time…

There’s always something to work on… at least I’m never bored…


Thursday 11/29/18-

Sun: Sagittarius–

Moon: Virgo (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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