Today we’re headed to the Maryland Renaissance Festival which is one of my favorite yearly outings (sort of a birthday tradition). I’ll be wearing my usual costume, my sorta plague doctor/masquerade/exorcist/sorcerer/monk mash up.

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I made the mask two years ago, and love when I have an excuse to wear it. Below is my how-to of how I made the mask, which maybe will inspire you to do your own one day.

Anyway… the wife and I will be meeting up with a few other O.T.O. brothers and sisters, including Wimsaur and Jack o’ the Green for a day of anachronistic frivolity. She suggested we be on the lookout for a magickal item, and she’s got good instincts about that kind of stuff, so the hunt will be fun.

Mask How-To

So I started with this gold colored plastic mask. It was like $7 on Amazon. 10_17_15 (1)

After sketching out how I wanted my design to fit on the mask compositionally, I started by creating a mat of blue painter’s tape, which I folded in half and on one side drew my designs. I then cut out the pattern and laid it over top the mask as sort of a reverse stencil. 10_17_15 (2)

Here you can see the reverse side which is still blue. I ended up creating some additional dots and patterns with more tape. I also used rubber cement around the mask edge and eye holes, so I could peel it off later.

10_17_15 (3)

I then spray painted the mask black and once it dried, peeled off the tape and rubber cement, leaving the gold of the mask beneath.



10_17_15 (4)

Finished Renaissance Mask


Now in a bunch of places the black leaked through and I needed to clean up a lot of the lines. With a little work, I was able to mix some different metallic acrylic paints together that matched the original paint color closely enough you couldn’t really tell.


10_17_15 (5)

Finished Renaissance Mask



Update: we didn’t end up making it to Renn Faire today. Another of our cats, Crowley has been really sick, so we ended up taking him to the vet a day early. He should be fine, but better safe than sorry.



Saturday 10/17/15

Sun: Libra

Moon: Sagittarius

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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