Beltane wasn’t the only holy day observed this week, though it was a shame to see Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) passed on just days before this year’s Star Wars day.

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I’m inclined to remember the Star Wars homage painting (“Hamlet: Special Edition”) I did a few years ago for Richard Kazcynski’s novel The Billionth Monkey which, trust me, is hilarious in context of the book.

You can of course get the image printed on all kinds of fun stuff on my RedBubble site, as well as any of my other stuff.

Beltane also marked yet another landmark for the deep esoteric community, and another victory of a mass meditation was held over that time. We keep turning new energetic corners, and this may be another big one.

144k is super fringe stuff though, not for the casual lightworker…

The week I actually hit the (I suppose inevitable) 666th subscriber to my YouTube channel. It’s actually already crested that, and any “spookiness” of that number aside, it does indicate the 2/3 mark of the stretch to 1000 subscribers.

Not that I’m feeling very inclined to create any more of those videos right now, I do still have the (very) raw material to create the Part 2 to my Formula of Ritual talk… which has yet to crest 200 views, but it is climbing.

This week Aaron and I recorded what will be Episode 25 of Adventure Hook. While admittedly it’s probably not our strongest episode, I did still manage to talk a bit about a few things that relate to Blackspire, as well as explore a bit of the old Princess of Doorways treatment from my Pitch List of ideas. Who knows with that one, but it’s a good story, and while I still considered myself an atheist at the time I’d originally written it, I see now how it’s chock full of magickal thinking that could be worth another pass using that lens one day.

I’ve had other concerns, so wanted to knock out the edits (and the responsibility of getting it done in time) as quickly as possible so I didn’t have to think about it anymore. I got it done (and well considering the wee bit of extra attention this one ended up needing) and additionally once I’d found the right piece of trompe-l’œil art to use for its promo, I got that wrapped up too.

Aaron and I also held the third of our Legend Lore classes this month, and this time it was my turn to build out the first (of many) paths of darkness a character in the Ravenloft world might find themselves walking down. Based on the various (and vastly popular) Van Richten’s Guides, I began with the most obvious (for Curse of Strahd players anyway)…

The Path of the Vampire…

I also finally managed to complete the edits on the last episode of Season 1 of Blackspire (S1E25). This was the other deadline hanging over my head I wanted to get off my plate, and so now I have releases through the end of May, which may be it for episodes in the main feed for a while as I shift gears.

Still, I did add a simple $1 support tier to the Patreon page, so that any amount of support for the show, no matter how small, is possible.

What’s got me so excited, but also what’s caused me to want to get on top of stuff so I have a large window of focus, is that I believe I finally have all the various pieces of recordings I need to finally edit together the epic Planescape adventure I ran for the Red Moon Roleplaying guys. I’m quite proud of Adventure Hook, and Blackspire even gives me the feels sometimes… but chances are once this seven-part story is finally edited together it’ll be my best work yet (at least as a GM’ed podcast is considered).

Weaving this all together is going to prove to be quite a task, but happily I kicked some ass right out of the gate and managed to get the bulk of the first episode completely wrapped up. I will definitely be going back into it again at some point (if only to finish out piecing together the different credits tracks) but I felt finished enough with it to even dive into the second episode.

Which of course is where things are starting to get really tricky. I needed to take a breather from it all before diving back in again, but I’m anxious to get them all wrapped up this month if possible. It does seem possible if I ride the momentum, and if episode one is any indication, it should produce some pretty quality actual-play entertainment. And, as an old skool fan of the Planescape: Torment video game, so having permission from Beamdog to use the soundtrack from that game (and then finding a few synchronicitic ways of marrying that music up to key scenes) really made certain things come alive for me thematically. Hopefully both AD&D and Planescape fans will agree and it’ll start bring both shows more listeners, et al…

And in addition to that, I also have to plan for the next Blackspire session I’ll be running next week.

Right now I’m leaning towards making all “non-BISHAMONTEN” Blackspire adventures Patreon-only episodes, and this will include raw cuts of any Season Two recordings though I may want to wait and edit the Season Two stuff all together once we have a bunch under our belts and just release it then. In the meantime Blackspire remains Patreon-only which right now includes the side session stuff I already have recorded, as well as (presumably) the exciting adventure I’ll be running for the White Hydra Mercenaries next time.

And it looks like it’ll be a doozy…

What happens from here will be interesting no matter what, and you’ll need to be a Patreon supporter to find out just how interesting indeed


Saturday 5/4/19-

Sun: Taurus–

Moon: Taurus (New)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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