So it’s not like anyone was really clamoring for my dribbles of daily content anyway… I think my posts will be a lot more interesting if I condense more content into single posts.

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I think I’m going to shoot for a post on the Full and New moons, as well at when the moon is at 50% each way. That’s more or less a weekly post, which seems like a fine change for now…

Aaron and I talked gaming et al some more this week, and he’s really getting me excited to get a handle on what all I need to for the Blackspire web-series. He’s given me a few more things to think about, but I’ve got a few more hills and hurdles yet. I might have just “accidentally” manifested some things I’ve been needing just a few hours ago. We’ll literally have to wait and see when the postman delivers Schoedinger’s late Xmas gift and I unwrap it… fingers crossed…

Otherwise, more work on the Pre-History write-up of the campaign. The more I work on this, the more I remember, and I end up constantly going back to earlier entries to flesh out additional material. I hope I’m striding the gap between efficient story-telling and including just enough details to articulate the plot-lines while also capturing the flavor of the setting (“a dark, baroque, post-modern love-letter to Dungeons & Dragons“)

The B.R.U.W. crew also finally got a chance to meet and game one more before our GM has to take on a long work assignment which will prohibit us meeting for a while. He sort of ended things with a bang so to speak, with our character’s capitol city being attacked by a pair of blue dragons that were in service to a dark goddess and had come to collect souls for her… lovely…


Two blue dragon servants of Shar attack the streets of Arma’s Keep. Gregor the druid is one of the only men on the walls to survive their initial lightning strikes…


Sir Jaenos (with the help of a Spellborne girl named “Ghost”) manages to make the first dragon “stay dead” while the two barbarians Thokk and Terry, with Tierestra (our My Little Pony) fight the second from the (now roofless) rooftops…


That really didn’t stop us from kicking the crap out of them, and with a big of lucky magic (and the rolls to go with them) we managed to keep civilian casualties-by-dragon-attack to a relative minimum.

Such is life in these sorts of high fantasy worlds…

It was cool to get a change to break out and use the city pieces from the Dwarven Forge set. I still haven’t finished painting them yet (just another to-do for the web-series) but for our tabletop needs they worked great. It was also fun to break out a bunch of my featured Blackspire Studios pieces, and let them get some tabletop time in.


Saturday 1/7/17-

Sun: Capricorn-

Moon: Taurus-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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