With a bit of determination, I spend another evening researching the field of Hypnosis, and specifically wanted to try to get my head around the very old and the very new.

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Looking into the history naturally led me first to Franz Mesmer (where we get the word “mesmerism”) who turned out to be over a hundred years ahead of his time. While his belief in “animal magnetism” and channels of magnetic fluid in the human body (influenced by Astrology) were ultimately discredited by his scientific contemporaries (including Ben Frankin)…


From my perspective it simply looks like Mesmer was combining hypnosis with reiki or some similar type of energy work along the patient’s chi meridians. And it’s not that his techniques weren’t proven effective, they just couldn’t find the mystery juice was the reason he died in obscure exile. And so we get set back 100 years…

animal magnetism at work

There’s plenty in between, but on the modern end I’m quite taken with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and (like much in Hypnosis) how elegantly simple it is. I highly recommend watching the two part interview (part 1 / part 2) with Dr. Zari Hadayat for Hypnosis TV for a good explanation of the process and why it works. But, it even harkens back to Mesmer and waving a pocket watch in front of his subject’s eyes… that could be a form of EMDR…

The process is also similar in some respects to an I.O.B. ritual, but rather than Objectifying what you Identify, the subject is deliberately trying to create unlike correspondences to as to weaken the overt power of that which a magician would otherwise Banish in this instance.

Still, EMDR (while still uncommon) boasts amazing (and lasting) results with PTSD sufferers in particular, which is certainly more than the pharmaceutical industry can claim at least… success is its proof, so I’m determined to understand it even better.

I’m also stuck with the idea that EMDR could also be utilized both as a piece of video art, as well as accompany guided meditation. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse, but if I could one day create a YouTube video as a (visually pretty to boot) guided PTSD treatment, and it helps even one person who couldn’t otherwise find help overcoming their trauma, then it would totally be worth it.

And yes, I’ll acquire more education and even seek certifications before I ever attempt something like that… but before you somehow think “professionals” would be far more qualified to do something like that, first know the technique behind it is quite simple once you understand it… and second, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, healers, hypnotists, pastoral councilors, and yes even scientists, artists, and priests… all of them are at best only doing half the work of the shaman anyway.


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For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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  1. Hello…CJP here again…I did a series of three hypnosis ventures and can strongly recommend it as an avenue to fine tune the inner small voice, but not knowing you, I imagine you are already connected on that higher- self level. Doing The hypnosis turned up the volume of my higher-self voice ( years ago ) and made it easier to communicate on a daily basis…thus down the line, enabling me to connect with and access the AKASHIC Records. I enjoy “surfing” your website and blog…what a major comitment on your part. It was interesting to hear someone else, besides myself, using the phrase “The Great Work.”

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