While I did get some decent stuff done this week, I really don’t feel like I have a lot to technically “report”… However, I did cross a very major landmark this week which puts my life solidly in a new perspective.

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So, I’ve had to focus more this week on the boring behind-the-scenes stuff connected to this blog. I’ve talked with my old friend about streaming links to the site and improving visibility of my various projects, and I find myself continually reminded of how bad I am at all things self-marketing. Still I keep plugging away at the Facebook/Twitter scene and slowly but surely keep building interest.

I’m getting more interest on the magick side of things as well, and so it’s finally made my work towards a fixed date for my next talks at the Theosophical Society. I’m struggling a bit with the need to change focus from the podcast stuff soon enough to work on this project, but while I’m ahead on edits and stuff for now, that leeway will run out soon enough. The good news is I already have the outline of the magick talk more or less already written, Jenny will help me practice and prepare, and I want a big chunk of things to be actual Q&A which I always promise but never end up doing at these talks.

Here are my write ups for the next two:


Magick Review and Q&A 

In the field of magick, it is often worthwhile to regularly go back and review the fundamentals. Join Robert Randle for a brief review of his previous three lectures and then engage in a lively back and forth where we will discuss anything and everything on the topic of magick that you may still have questions about. While not required for attendance, participants in the Q&A section of this class are strongly encouraged to have first reviewed the YouTube videos created from these three previous lectures (total runtime: approximately 4 hours).

MAGICK 101 - Introduction to the Fundamentals (4 parts)MAGICK 102 - Continuing the Fundamentals (9 parts)MAGICK 201 - Spellwork (2 parts)

Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual 

Now that we understand the theories behind what magick is and why it works, the time has come to put all of that into practice and begin to make it work for you. Join Robert Randle for an in depth presentation of how to create and cast a complete spell from start to finish. By the end of this lecture you will possess the knowledge required to create and implement your very own Spellwork. The class will culminate in a small group ritual that attendees are invited to participate in.



I was happy that the newest Blackspire episode S1E4 went live this week and some regular listeners appear to already have been listening regularly. It’s a slow start or course, but knowing even a handful of people listened to it the day the new episode came out it pretty cool. There’s nowhere to go from here but up.

Also it was cool to hear that Jim as made plugging Blackspire a regular part of his sign off on each Laughfinder show. Interest is building, even among his co-hosts (hopefully) but it’s still way cool to hear.

Season 3 Episode 42 Virtuosity

Aaron and I also had some long behind-the-scenes conversations about Adventure Hook stuff and our approaches to how to promote the show. We also went ahead and recorded what will become Episode 7 “The Cursed Town” which was another fun show, with some pretty decent moments. To get a jump on things I even went ahead and completed the rough edits on this episode (though there’s one small part we need to record and drop in still) so we’ll have it for Aug 6th (Patreon)/Aug 13th (iTunes) release.

I even went ahead and mocked up the promo image we’ll use to promote the show.

While I did like my initial mockup where I used Photoshop to piece four photos together to make the initial image, Aaron suggested I do something similar, but using The Months paintings of Pieter Bruegel to make the image.

We both like the final result better for a number of reasons, and hopefully it’ll do its thing…

Aaron also got our first episode of Legend Lore (Ills of Illipur 1) up on Patreon which is great because this week we got some new Patreons who qualify for that material, so it’s good to have it up. Additionally, I also did some remastering to all my tracks and then sent them to Aaron so he can finish up the edits on Ills of Illipur (IoI) 2 – 6. His plan is to get those up ASAP, and we’ll be recording another Blackspire Legend Lore next week… though when either of what we have recorded for my campaign should be released in tandem with any Blackspire material I haven’t quite figured that part out yet. The focus this time is in crafting something really unique that I can run for my wife Jenny.

I really can’t wait to begin to introduce Jenny’s gaming chops to the Blackspire listeners (and I know she gets antsy to play again), but first I need to finish crafting for her to most epic of backstory adventures… hence my call with Aaron re: Legend Lore next week. We may even run another session soon, depending on how things look and feel afterwards…

And I’ve been quite proud of Jenny’s newest cross-stitch kick, and she’s been creating a whole huge portfolio of patterns and work she’s yet to get up on her Etsy site (which she needs to reactivate still) but lots of them are really original and very beautiful. I help her a wee bit with some initial elements, but the patterns, stitch work, and the rest is all hers. She’s even working on some tribute pieces to Grimmy. I’ll be sure to share some of her stuff when she’s ready to have it seen.

But Jenny and I had something other to celebrate this week, as July 3rd was the 10 year anniversary of our first kiss and today is the 9th (technical) wedding anniversary. We typically “observe” the October day we had our ceremony, but on paper we got married at the courthouse nine years ago. Quite a bit has changed in those ten years together, but we’re both still very much in love.

And much in the same way, the Fells Point area where we had a little date over the weekend has also changed in the decades we’d both lived in Baltimore. Still, that’s nothing compared to how its changed in the past 100 years, or even how it must have looked with old Admiral Fell walked its streets.

It wasn’t until I got home I realized we’d spent a whole afternoon in the city and I didn’t take one picture.

I’m a bad blogger…


Friday 7/618-

Sun: Cancer–

Moon: Aries (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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