With the arrival of the Solstice winter is finally here, and I continue to marvel at the abundance of good things in my life… even though this holiday had its share of bittersweet moments as well.

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Jenny and I spent the Christmas weekend at my mom’s place up in Pennsylvania, along with my brother, his girlfriend, my brother-in-law and the new baby. Unfortunately my sister’s work has required her to spend the holidays in Africa, but she’ll be back in January so we plan to do “Second X-mas” in a few weeks.

We did exchange some gifts (and we definitely gave our nephew the new toys we got for him) but we’re saving the majority for when my sister gets back. Jenny did surprise me with some new light boxes which I’ve very excited to try out. I’ve long struggled with properly lighting my Blackspire Studios miniatures, and these boxes are quite popular in the Etsy crowd, so I’m certain they’ll serve me well.

Cofunia Photo Light Box

I just have to make sure the cats don’t climb inside and get their hair all over, but they’ve even collapsible, so I’ll only need to break them out when I’m ready to shoot. It saves me trying to build something as well…

We also received some interesting financial windfalls this week that weren’t necessarily holiday related, but we take it as continued evidence that “the Universe has our back”. We also received a number of holiday well-wishes from other friends (and a few magician buddies) and were happy/sad to see our good friend Rick completed his move to Raleigh, NC on Christmas Eve. He shared some very touching sentiments with Jenny and myself, and while we’re of course sad to see him move away, Jenny and I are already musing over the prospects of a road trip some time in the future to pay him a visit (once he’s well settled in of course, and has located some cool places in Raleigh to check out).

I was also please to hear from The Friend this week, and I’m excited to hear that she is nearing completion of her very interesting book, and has touched base with me again about supplying the painting for the cover… which of course I’ve agreed to do. It’s something that’d been gnawing on the back-burners of my mind since she first floated the idea to me, and so now I’ve asked her to gather all the resources and references she can for me, so I can most carefully and respectfully attempt to depict what I’ll only say at this point is a very sacred scene.

Hopefully (with the holidays mostly behind us) we can get together sometime soon and really hash out what she’s looking to have depicted, and my take on what I think I’ll be able to do for her.

And it seems I’ve got a few trials of my own I need to man up and tackle, as well as a few dropped balls I need to pick up. I’ll going to stay vague on this front, but my hope is that since from now until March 2020 Saturn is in his “rightful place” as ruler of Capricorn, I can sync with that energy and truly master (and perhaps even re-master) the disciplines of (and surrounding) my magickal practice.

I know a number of things have taken a back seat to my Blackspire RPG series of late, but I’ve at long last managed to structure my life in such a way that I can be successful at the work I’ve been called (in one way or another) to do. Now… I just have to friggin’ do it.


Hard Work.


It’s apparently what I’m here to work on.


Monday 12/26/17-

Sun: Capricorn–

Moon: Aries (50% Waxing)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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