So… I couldn’t sleep last night, and ended up doing a bunch more research, and have a whole new map for the Monomyth game now.

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At its root, it’s still the same interactive storytelling “wheel” from the prototype, but the “structure” that makes it a game now is that there will be up to 44 options of card placement, but only 33 cards between the players (which they divide and either chose each card they want to play on their turn, or flip them randomly).

The original zodiacal 12 steps are still there (though I think the “Zone of Magnified Power” is more Leo-ish than “Belly of the Whale”) so players could tell the whole Hero’s Journey with 15 cards, but there are also “side-tracks” to the progression (which are Elemental/Planetary rather than Zodiacal – all based on variations to the Monomyth), and so “meandering” a bit can really add some nuance to each story.

Another fun feature is the Road of Trials, where players can opt for 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or the biggie 12 Labors the Hero must go through. And there’s The Ordeal/Crossing the Abyss, which I also like – particularly the parallels to magickal path-working.

It’s still a “Meditation Game”  but the only real “loser” is if the group runs out of cards before they reach Crossing the Return Threshold (and fails to complete the Hero’s Journey) which instead gives a different kind of ending, also interesting.

It’s still a game, as players get to make choices that shape the story, even if it’s just A or B, and in theory there could be variant types of play… like say each round of play there’s a principle storyteller, and players take turns choosing which cards come next, in what direction, and what they represent before the storyteller continues.

It’s definitely worth thinking about more.


Tuesday 10/6/15

Sun: Libra

Moon: Leo

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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