So, I received my order of the new shirt  Kevin designed for Heidevolk the awesome band he also plays guitar for. I love this band’s music, and would be a fan even if I didn’t know Kevin, so I’m happy to sport it.

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You can order your own here and/or listen to the fun song this shirt is a design for.


And tonight my wife and I did a spirit session in the evening, and were getting a lot of fairly clear responses, this time using an app that only has Spanish words in its banks. We even experimented with an actual ouija board as well, but without any clear responses there. We think we even heard the spirits laughing at us as we tried. We lit a purple candle since we were attempting a form of psychic communication, and the one we used is from a new spell candle set I just ordered. It’s a really good price for what you get, and is on Amazon Prime to boot. I wish it also had brown, but otherwise it should have a color for any occasion you should happen to need.

And I think I’ve finally finished the fixes on the sculpt for my Water Cup lid, so I should be able to start making the molds for that and my Fire Wand headpiece soon.

It’s also my sister Emily’s birthday, but she’s spending it in Paris with her husband (French is just one of the many languages she’s fluent in). Not that I’m likely to forget 4/20… but my brother Dave (AKA “Pulpo” which is Spanish for “Octopus”… long story) made this art to commemorate the event.


You might also know my brother from his crazy hilarious (and incredibly irreverent) comic strip God Comics.

Wednesday 4/20/16-

Sun: Taurus-

Moon: Libra-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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