My wife took pity on my suffering last night, and did some massage therapy and reiki work on me, which really helped so I ended up taking a 20 minute “power nap” and work up feeling a lot better.

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I was going to try to get some work done last night after the nap, but as “luck” would have it, the power in my neighborhood went out, so there went any writing on the computer… so I ended up going to bed early (for me) in hopes a normal person’s night’s rest might set things right, but all today I felt off as well.

I learned today my wife didn’t get her promotion, and lately Frater Superabo has been having trouble with his new job, and my job’s additional frustration don’t make my new raise worth it today… so all and all I’ve allowed it to put a damper on my mood, which is already stressed.

To boot, the info on the four candidates for the Man of Earth representatives came in, and I have to research first, then have all four conducted and my impressions to the Nominating Panel board by the 8th… and I’ve got the Winter Solstice rehearsal this Sunday down in DC… and Black Knight gnawing my brain… plus this whole thing with the family of stray cats we’ve adopted (that I purposely haven’t written about, but may once I know how everything “ends”)… plus a hundred other things…

I hate to admit it, I’m stressed. Something is not flowing right, and I need a different reset button.

Tonight’s a night off from the chiropractor, which I shouldn’t be as relieved about as I am.


Wednesday 12/2/15

Sun: Sagittarius

Moon: Virgo

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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