Today was just an awesome day, and perhaps an interesting display of a retrograde Mars in Scorpio. Jenny and I picked up DC friends Sorors Sekhmet and Butterfly and we went to see my high school buddy Decker‘s band Stitched Up Heart play at the (pleasantly) surprisingly cool venue G-Boone’s way out in Boonsboro, MD.

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This is the 2nd time I’ve made this hour and a half long drive out to the Hagerstown area recently, but for different reasons. We got there early enough to grab dinner and Decker and his band were already hanging around. I last saw him about eight years ago at our ten-year high school reunion, and before that it’d been the decade since graduation that I’d seen him. As people do, we moved to different cities (me to Baltimore, him to LA) so the chance to see him, and catch up for even a few hours was really just awesome. He and I go back to middle school (band class) where I can even remember the day where they first tested us kids for drumming coordination, and Decker taking to it like a fish to water. I was not nearly so coordinated, so ended up on trumpet (and was first chair by 8th grade, thankyaveddymuch), but for me the passion wasn’t really there… but Decker we always knew would one day be a rock star.

Due to some disagreements with our high school music instructor, I ended up dropping band Sophomore year to take more art electives, but Decker and I still hung out a lot. In high school he and I ran around with a lot of the same friends, and shared many recreational hobbies as well. Friends like that have come and gone all throughout everyone’s lives really, so it was awesome to reconnect, catch-up, swap stories, and reminisce.

Their show was awesome, and if you haven’t heard of them, check out the single on their YouTube channel. They are about to start touring with Lacuna Coil (a band I’ve been a fan of for, I dunno, a decade maybe) so opening for them is really just awesome and should hopefully mean Stitched Up Heart only grows in popularity.

After the show we all hung out with the band and got a chance to meet them all. I have to say, they were all even nicer and cooler than I expected, and as a group they all really seem to gel, so I was happy to see Decker in such good hands. What was particularly cool was talking to the lead singer about occult stuff, and she seem to really hit it off with Jenny and the Sorors. I think they all made friends, and Sekhmet turned her on to Banishing 101 so to speak (LBRP).

Next time they come through we’ll catch their show again, and can even put them up if they play the Baltimore area (they often enough sleep in their van between gigs). Their manager has put them on constant tour for the next year and a half, so it’s definitely possible they’ll be back around in the area before too long. Tonight they drive up to Decker and my hometown to the house he grew up in (and I used to visit him at). His parents still live there, so they will be on the road for another few hours still until they have a place to sleep. Rock and roll.

And, just so you know, earlier today I decided to pop out the d20 casting, just to see how it did. At first glance it looked great, nice and clean, and proper. That is, until I turned it over…


…yep, the resin shrinkage struck this piece too, retracting back down to make a gaping 1/8″ hole where the “1” should be. I guess that’s somehow appropriately metaphorical for a d20, but for gaming purposes, no, I wouldn’t use it. Maybe I can figure out a way to fix it without unbalancing it, but really I think I need to find an epoxy resin that won’t shrink (at least not like this). I need to do some homework, but for now, what’s done is done, and tonight is not the night.


Wednesday 6/8/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Leo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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