I had a number of things to occupy my attention this week which of course is a good thing. Lots of interesting things to report so I’ll just get into things…

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First it was cool to see my Adventure Hook co-host Aaron’s book Infidel was included in NPR’s 2018 reader poll of their 100 favorite horror stories.

Animated illustration showing a child reading a book, with a creepy shadow behind her

Click If You Dare: 100 Favorite Horror Stories

His book in included among many seminal classics as Dracula and the King in Yellow and I do truly believe thanks to some really groundbreaking artwork (I think I used the term “Wrightson-esque”) it may very well end up being the book everyone will always associate with him. Anyway, we can only hope this brings more attention to our show, as horror is a common theme we both enjoy exploring in our games.

Infidel, by Pornsac Pichetshote, Aaron Campbell, and José Villarrubia

It was also cool to see Adventure Hook get added to RPGcasts database of gaming podcasts, which also should hopefully net us some more listeners.

Adventure Hook

We’re also starting to get feedback of people are starting to use our ideas in their game, which is totally the point and great to hear. And on the point of content for gaming, we also released this week the Patreon: Expert Level material for the “Summon Monster” reward.

Remember Glakus… the scary wizard in the tower from Episode 2..?

Adventure Hook – Episode 2: The Item Coveted By All

Episode 2: An Item Coveted by All

Well, thanks to HeroLab, he’s now a fully stated out D&D 5E Warlock with a full backstory write up (courtesy of yours truly) and available to unleash on your unsuspecting players. So check out out Patreon page and see what other cool things we’ve got up.

Earlier in the week I finished up the edits on Adventure Hook Episode 9 which was a pretty solid episode all in all… though I’m still not sure how I feel about the promo I mocked up for it, I can’t think of anything better right now, so perhaps it’ll do…

Adventure Hook – Episode 9: Countdown to the Full Moon

This week Aaron and I also recorded Episode 10, which was a fun treat for me as we got to tackle the topic of Wuxia (though in our show we expanded on what the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide‘s intended the flavor to be… more generalized “martial arts” stories).

I still have that to edit, but I think I had some really strong content that show, so it should be a good one to work on. I’m still taking on all AH editing duties until Aaron’s caught up on the six Legend Lore: Ills of Illipur episodes we have recorded, but compared with editing Blackspire, it’s simple by comparison.

I also did a quick mock up of the promo for the episode as well, which hopefully piques the viewer’s interest…

Adventure Hook – Episode 10: Let’s Go on a Pilgrimage!

With so much editing on the brain this week, I’ve really not be listening to any of the RPG podcasts I regularly listen to, except for Laughfinder of course, since my “backbone” player character Jim Meyer is a fixture of that show. This week they actually hit their 100th episode, which is way cool… and Jim and the guys even gave Blackspire a quick nice plug at the end of this show, which I definitely appreciate.

Season 3 Episode 48 The Centennial

While I’d basically already edited it a while ago, this week I also gave the Legend Lore: Blackspire edition where Aaron and I discussed the upcoming Red Moon game another listen through, and then sent it Aaron’s way, so we would have it ready for when we’d need it.

Aaron’s even expressed an idea that we should do a prequel session for his Finott character, which is an interesting idea we may have to explore.

But on the Blackspire front, this week my wife Jenny surprised me with an early birthday gift of sorts. On the recording session with the Red Moon guys I’d noticed sound leakage coming from my headphones that was getting picked up by the(quite sensitive) mic and mentioned it to her. Now, Jenny knows her sound equipment, and as it turns out had been spending the past few weeks researching different headphones, and had settled on one she was planning to get me come October…

But as I’ve got part 2 with the Red Moon guys yet to do, plus an endless torrent of Blackspire editing to do, she went ahead and sprung them on me this week. It was a lovely and thoughtful surprise, made all the sweeter with how much truly better sound I get using them.


Sennheiser Monitoring Headphones

Using these new over-ear, totally immersive puppies I basically plowed through the edits of Season 1 – Episode 9: A Third Eye Scowling (Part 1) and so now have that episode in the can as well. This means I’ve got releases for my shows edited and ready through September 10th. AH10 will get me to the 17th and when I get A Third Eye Scowling (Part 2) completed, that will bring me through the end of September.

Thanks to a handle of the B.R.U.W. Crew players who came over for dinner this week and recorded the few bits I still needed to finish up S1E9, as well as wrap up episodes 10 and 11 as well. I’ve also finally figured the (stupidly simple) tools to create “macros” in Audacity, so I can finally do all the sound remastering steps we usually do with a single button click (and a lot of patience).

Happily, it seems the Red Moon guys put their tracks through the very same “paces” we do, though they also use a de-esser filter I’m starting to play with as I take a whole new stab (thanks to my new sexy headphones and a few notes from Aaron) at the cut of the raw edit of the first Red Moon session.

Red Moon Roleplaying

For it turns out the Red Moon guys are looking for something to put out to their Patreons soon, and were asking this week if they could put the raw recording out. I said I’d take another stab at it. With these new headphones though, it’s almost like hearing it for the first time, and makes me wonder about all my past edited shows… and what horrors I might have left behind in them…

I can’t think about that now, though…

Assuming I get a clean cut of the Raw show soon I’ll be able to start work on editing it into something actually listenable (given all the inadvertent breaks we had while recording) but also listening to thiscut might even inspire the other guys to want to record some extra scenes and stuff that could be dropped into the final edits of part 1.

And looks like we’re going to need that Legend Lore sooner than I’d expected, so glad we got it in the can.

Additionally… the Red Moon guys also kindly vouched for me with the dark ambient music label the regularly partner with Cryo Chamber. They’ve used a number of their tracks in the past, and since we’re partnering with the RMR guys on this project we’ve been extended the rights to use their music.

They’ve suggested the album Halgrath for our opening sequence in the ancient forested hills of the Serfless lands beneath the shadow of the Worldtree.

And, on a totally other creative front, of late I’ve had a hankering for “real” chocolate cake (as for the past few years all my attempts to feed this craving at restaurants have been disappointments). However, the internet was kind enough to share this recipe with me, and I felt compelled to attempt it myself.

Jenny agreed.

So, I mostly followed this lady’s instructions/quantities to the letter, which (while insane) were also insanely delicious…



The cake batter (I made enough for three layers)

The only caveat is I ended up the confectioner’s sugar in the icing so mine ended up more like mousse.

The icing

This ended up richly dark and creamy, but I probably could have met her halfway again on the final powdered sugar amount (or halved the milk instead) and ended up with a slightly firmer icing, but perhaps for next time…

The fully iced cake was begging to be sliced into, so it was a exercise in patience waiting to assemble it and bring everything to this point, as our oven’s center rack only had space for two pans, and clearly this cake required three layers…

Still, so worth the wait… rich, dark, moist, decadent, creamy and smooth… though a second bite is almost completely inedible without the assistance of a tall glass of whole milk to help wash it down.

After all our big talk, neither of us could finish an entire slice… thus we’ve now dubbed this recipe “couple’s cake” as it’d take two people to finish one slice.

Still though… Yum!


Saturday 8/18/18-

Sun: Leo–

Moon: Scorpio (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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