Now, I’d like to say that recently I’d been waiting for the new moon to pass before starting anything new, but the truth is of late I’d been feeling kind of stalled out and unfocused. But, then I received an encouraging email from Kevin this morning and it got me back on track like that.

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So today, with the moon now waxing at a comfortable 6% crescent (and in Leo which was apropos), I decided it was time to get some things moving (materially, mentally, and spiritually). Two emails in particular which relate to my own goals for magickal success I’d been sitting on for what is probably a few weeks now, and so I spent the day tweaking and re-tweaking them, that way when the time finally came to send them out this evening, they’d already be drafted and I could just hit Send without thinking about it.

It is Wednesday (Mercurial), but my operation in this case was solar in nature, so the first hour of sunset (around 9 PM today) seemed the time to shoot for, and so spent some time late this afternoon getting things prepared beforehand.

I didn’t need a huge production, I just took a yellow candle from my variety pack and marked it with my sigils of Infinite Fraternal Success and another personal one which I won’t explain, but I don’t recommend you use yourself (unless you want me to be the beneficiary of your hard work). It’s part of my daily affirmations and has many layers to it (all my personal sigils do, really) but as the IFS one has shown to be quite effective lately, I thought I’d try to “chain” a personal success off it.


Solar Candle and Magick Oils

So, properly inscribed, I then anointed the candle (clockwise top-to-bottom) with various different magickal oils. In order, they were Road Opener (from Crystals, Candles, and Cauldrons), New Beginnings and Abundance (both from Turning Wheel), and finally some Money Drawing oil that was Soror Queaseitor In Pace’s own blend that she brought for me to use during the Solstice ritual last month. I don’t know if she meant for me to keep it, or if it just mistakenly ended up getting packed up with the rest of my gear, but (unlike the others) as I can feel an actual little energetic ping when I get some on my finger, I really couldn’t resist using a little for that stage.

Then, I just waited for sundown. I started off with a pretty intense recitation of the sundown Liber Resh, which set me up nicely to go right into my regular ritual routine.

However, as today was more than just “exercise”, I’d also set up a double cube altar with my sacred weapons, charcoal burner & (money drawing) incense, and the candle offering as well of course. As my studio often doubles as my temple space, I try to do a number of things to “change the space” when it’s time to do magick, and an eerie mix of a red light and a black-light work nicely to alter the (head)space.


Prepared Magick Altar

Temple opened, and after a final round of meditation, charging, and prayer, I lit the candle. As today had more “production” than on a usual day, I also opened and closed the temple space using lines from my Solstice ritual, which I like quite a bit and has interesting results for me. I was also sure to end with the Collect to aid any lingering spirits not dismissed by my License to Depart before closing down with the second Qabbalistic Ankh.


Man, you gotta love the glow of my Water Cup’s lid…


Then, as we moved out Solar time into the hour of the Moon (appropriately in Leo) and while deliberately not trying to think about it, I hit Send on those two emails drafts. One of them I won’t say anything more about yet, other than it’s the next big step (that’s out of my hands) in the initiative to do a Kickstarter for the new edition of Serial Artist… but the second email was an inquiry I’m making on behalf of the Lodge (at my Body Master’s enthusiastic endorsement after our discussion on Saturday). Again, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet, but I felt very led on both of these fronts, and I know I was just faltering because, for them to be successful, they’re both going to take an enormous amount of work.

Still, the candle hadn’t even burned all the way down yet when I received a very lengthy personalized response to my Lodge inquiry email. Is that weird in and of it self? No… but… the multi-paragraph response came at exactly 11:00 PM (which is well after work hours) on something that could have very easily waited until morning. And additionally, the woman I’d emailed was on vacation… so not only did she not need to even read my email let alone respond to me anytime soon, she certainly didn’t need to start drafting such a response in what could only really be described as ASAP timing. Proof of success? I dunno, but I’ll take it as a good sign.

Now… our discussions begin… so while I’ve placed the order, I’m not ready to start tracking the shipment of Schrödinger’s box yet… let alone open it for you here and now.

Also, as luck would have it, today was the first day of voting for the Man of Earth Representatives to chose the next two male and female Man of Earth Delegates (which the final tally for occurs on the 9th). My votes are in, but additionally the Panel Chair has asked me to put together a list of suggestions for how I think the MoE-Rs and MoE-Ds (along with Chairman and Secretary) can better communicate and interact…

So, I’ll put my thinking cap on and figure out how best to approach this one.


Wednesday 7/6/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Leo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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