This week turned out to be particularly busy, with a corresponding amount of issues to coincide… it’s been a long week so I think I’ll just recap as briefly as I can…

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This week marks the first teaser that includes Blackspire S2’s newest player Jen. Jenny’s on these tracks too, and hopefully they get potential listeners that much more interested in the Patreon material…

Her first stand alone side session is already live this week as well, and the teasers to follow in the weeks to come will feature some interesting excerpts from that episode.

I’ve given the Snoball mic a workout this week, as I had occasion to record a whole bunch of more side sessions for Blackspire Season 2 material.

We did a follow up intro episode for Jen’s Akihoshi character… and while I unfortunately wasn’t feeling up to knocking out more than one full episode, it was another really good one for fleshing her character out more, and ended on an interesting button that should flow right into the first game we play together as a group. Additionally, I later realized afterwards I could actually use the Monomyth board as a tool to tell the story with her I’d actually meant to discuss on mic… and perhaps is something we’ll eventually do as periodic “flashbacks” over time… perhaps even involving other players. She’d also seemed excited at the prospect of another side session, so maybe that’s something we consider for next week (we’ll see).

We also had Jim over this week to attempt his first side session since we recorded the Season 1 Epilogue…

Unfortunately, Jim wasn’t quite feeling up to playing and had to leave before we could get a full episode’s recording done… which is really too bad because I had material I wanted to cover that would lead in and tie together the threads that will bring all the player characters together in Season 2 (which we’ll also be recording fairly soon indeed). One way or another I’m going to need to set the stage for that before game play.

And on that note, the wife and I recorded another side session for her Claerydia character (and the first actual-play for Jenny to actually “breath life” into her), and set the stage for her involvement in the wider Season 2 story. The session went well (she already wants to review the recording and compare it to her notes) and has expressed excitement at how much of an opportunity there is for her to regularly do her own side session adventures going forward.

And somewhat related, I’ve got plans to record (and finally resolve) the strained situation concerning the gargoyle St. Jezebel character this coming weeks. I have a few ideas of what to do here, but mostly I plan to lean fairly heavily on improvisation to allow for the (also fairly heavy) story to develop much more naturally. By comparison I’ve already got much more solid ideas for the next side sessions involving Solina the vampire and Jolly Paul the satyr… and I’ve not even thought about setting a date for either of those yet.

Artist Kevin Ross’s “The Yellow Sign”

It’s the way this one has to go…

On the Adventure Hook front, we ended up moving to the archive model for our older episodes, while still keeping the 10 most recent ones live (including the most recent for this week: Episode 31: Trial by Combat).

I’ll embed the player here, but since this episode will eventually be archived, it doesn’t actually make sense to make stand alone episode posts for it like I just started doing with the Full Disclosure one… oh well…

Aaron and I really buckled down this week, and managed to record two episodes of Adventure Hook back to back. They will end up becoming Episode 33: The Historian from the Future (which I’ll be editing) and Episode 34: The Looted Tomb (that one’s on Aaron, as is Episode 32: The Ex).

Both were pretty great episodes, and I’ve started initial concepts/mock ups for the promo art for them. But as the earliest doesn’t release until mid-September I have some time. Still… it’s nice to get a bit ahead on things… though I’ll feel that way a bit more once the art and edits are wrapped up.

Still, Jenny and I found time to have a nice date night this week down in Fells Point at the V-No wine bar which has fast become one of our new favorite places to frequent (and their charcuterie/cheese is incredible) and we’re also looking forward to spending an afternoon at the Maryland State Fair this coming weekend with my sister and brother -in-law and our little nephew. And in two weeks the full moon will fall on Jenny’s birthday, and we plan to spend that day with friends at the Maryland Renaissance Festival eating and drinking our way across the Faire…

Lots of exciting stuff in the works, and lots of exciting stuff to look forward to.



Friday 8/30/19-

Sun: Virgo–

Moon: Virgo (New)

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For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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