I heard back from “The Friend” from the Theosophical Society in Maryland today, and bounced around a few ideas for topics of my talk(s). She also gave me a run-down of the other folks in their group, and they sound like a stellar bunch of folks. I’m getting really excited.

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At this point I think my Jenny and I would want to also come to one of their other events first. They are hosting a class on the Tarot on 9/11 which sounds very interesting (right up my alley) and it’d be good for me to see how the Theosophists do things over there as well before jumping in with both feet. Jenny and I are planning to be in New York to see David Icke that weekend, but we may be able to make that Sunday at 2:00 work.

David Icke World Tour

If Jenny doesn’t feel up to it that Sunday, I may make the trip solo, as it feels like there’s a strong pull to connect with this group and and want to see what it’s all about.

Also, over the past month I’ve been emailing with my old gaming buddies Matt, Stacy, and Joe. They were my original hard-core Reliquum play-testers (our campaign lasted years) and we talked recently of resurrecting the game. However, parenthood has made the group of them in a constant time-crunch state, so I’m thinking perhaps the best way to play this new game out is to take a Dracula approach. If you remember, in Bram Stoker’s book the story was actually a compilation of letters, journal entries, and newspaper articles which creates the Dracula narrative.

I think we could do something similar with my players issuing orders, instructions, appointments, missions, etc. to the people in their command. Specifically what’s useful to me is to know who is in what position of power (political, ecumenical, or otherwise) in your respective domains, as well as what they’re in charge of, and perhaps also who they have replaced. Stuff that would be useful to populate the Reliquum Wiki, so I hope this attempt to mix business and pleasure pans out.


Tuesday 8/30/16-

Sun: Virgo-

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For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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