Ho…lee… crap..! I know I said that with the Spring Equinox things can really start over fresh… but I definitely wasn’t imagining these sort of societal shifts brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic…

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What a difference two weeks makes. At the full moon I was talking about eating out at nice restaurants, and now at the new moon most of the restaurants in town have shut their door… some likely for good. Since I already work from home, my day to day life honestly hasn’t been that disrupted so far (not that I haven’t noticed a few outward trends that could be cause for concern down the line) but additionally as a semi-paranoid former boy scout, our house was already marginally prepared with the sort of provisions needed should we find ourselves needing to be self reliant for a few weeks (and even months if necessary).

Not that I’m expecting things to come to that, but it’s always good to “Be Prepared”! So these past two weeks were spent shoring that situation up a little better… At least so long as power, water, and sanitation continue, that is. Admittedly I’m not prepared to go all Solarpunk at this time, and there’s probably an Apocalypse scenario or two to live through first, anyway…

Last week was the Spring Equinox, and as part of a mass meditation I participated in that day with the 144K, we envisioned a higher purpose to all this uncertainty. Let’s all just imagine this whole disruption is secretly an opportunity for everyone to actually do some personalized spiritual spring cleaning of this planet, and with today’s new moon a first new step towards a slightly more enlightened destiny…

People are beyond tired of the old ways of doing things. We’re done with the Piscean Age, and it’s now time to fully embrace the Aquarian one… But predictably, those clinging on to the old aeon have trouble letting go, and true to character will probably sooner tear everything down around them than relinquish an iota of it.

And so now the rest of 2020 is basically on hold while the old guard (true to form) falls woefully short of planet Earth again… and probably for the very last time if Italy is any sort of litmus test for what the next few weeks hold in store for us. At what terrible cost will their butcher’s bill carry remains to be seen, but it is my will, and the will of many like me that this terrible wake up call becomes just the sort of reset button we’ve needed all along…

Thankfully, one last thing my wife and I were able to enjoy before all this social distancing was being suggested, was to catch the stand-up comedy act of Doug Stanhope who is definitely one of our all-time favorite comedians. I’d gotten Jenny those tickets as a gift all the way back during Yuletide, and that night he was (as usual) hilarious, so we were both happy to have been able to have one last enjoyable evening out on the town before the whole world shut down.

Jenny waiting for Doug Stanhope to perform at Magoobys Joke House

Anyway though… as I said much of my personal day to day has been unaffected, and I had some more of the usual good stuff to focus on…

To start with, Episode 40 of Adventure Hook released this week on iTunes, and its one of our better shows of late. I’m particular proud of the “Writing Advice for Game Masters” segment I did during our banter portion of the show, and I hope it’s the sort of thing new and veteran GMs alike can get something out of.

Additionally, our recording of Episode 41 of Adventure Hook went great as well, and we were really able to use my Plot Device matrix and illustrate how you can quite easily plot out the beats of a story, and still allow your players to make the choices that drive the story’s plot, and ultimate how it ends…

I think (like the Hexagram before it) it could evolve

While I do still have to do the edits and show notes for that episode, it’s not due out until the first week of April so I have time. However, I did take a stab at the promo art for the episode, and wound up making a few variants as I’m not sure which is better.

We’d discussed all these interesting concepts on the show, but admittedly the third image does look a little busy showcasing them all, so maybe we’ll use the uncluttered version for iTunes and promotions, and a more “star-bursty” one for Patreon.

On the Blackspire front, we’re still planning to record our next White Hydra session this coming weekend (it’s a gathering of only five folks this time), which I’ve prepared some for but still have some flavor text to write before we play. I’ve also done quite a bit of prep work for the next session or two for Jenny’s character Claerydia as well (surrounding the intrigues of the Gorgonate) though at this point we may want to do another “gazetteer-style” background session to brainstorm up some more material about her inquisitor character’s backstory first…

We did however cancel the game of our latest Season 2 main plot-line we’d scheduled for last week, and that another I’ve been doing some more prepwork for… including creating some of the “plot hook prayers” that had been left at comedian Jim Meyer’s character BISHAMONTEN’s “grave”…

You’ll probably have to list to the episode “Grave Responsibilities – Part 2” on Patreon for that to all make sense, but for me as a GM it’s a terrific way to introduce all sorts of story threads… especially any that come from ideas suggested from the various different levels of support (like the top left, above), as well as Jim himself (listen and then try to guess which one I made for him especially).

Also, in addition to me recently lowering the monetary levels of each tier on Patreon, I’ve also tweaked those rewards levels even further, so now it’s even easier to suggest People, Places, or Items or even Hooks, Lines, and Sinkers that can honestly shape the direction of the story… or possibly even the campaign…


I also touched base briefly with that new editor I mentioned last post, but as of now there’s still no movement on my various scripts’ front, or even any edits back from my current editor for that matter. And of course this week Diamond Comics announced a halt of all distribution starting with April 1st releases, and through my day job this means that all publishers will be delaying releases all over the board as well… which may very well include my contribution as well.

At times it can feel like maybe the world would rather end than see me publish anything new in it… Too bad too, I really like the stories I’ve written for them, and I have a lot more great stories for them on deck as well. Fingers and toes crossed it (or something even better) can come from it.

Also, the Institute of Noetic Sciences: Baltimore friends of IONS folks got in touch and asked to move my next talk to June 9th. No problem, I said, but of course that was before the COVID-19 crisis hit, so now who know if or when that’ll happen, but I’d love to clear off a lot more of my to-do list before then anyway…

And speaking of, I did a bit of spring cleaning about my studio, and hope to be getting back into some other routines… namely magick and ritual, yoga and exercise, and more artistic pursuits (both gaming related and others) as well. But with one of the best LBRPs I’ve done in a while to kick off that new and improved space, I feel like I’ve got a good home base to work from as I start working through what’s all to come.

Because whatever it winds up being, it’s sure to be challenging…


Tuesday 3/24/2020-

Sun: Aries

Moon: Aries (New)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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