Jenny and I have had a hankering for Ethiopian food lately, and as luck would have it, Richard and Kerry recently suggested the four of us getting together for dinner soon, so we suggested we go to Dukem (the Baltimore location) this evening.

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While Jenny and I have been eating there for years (including before we’d even met each other), they’d never been… and Richard, being vegetarian, is a big fan of Ethiopian food, so it worked out quite well. Now they have a new local spot, rather than needing to trek down to Silver Spring or what have you.

It’s always fun to hang out with them, and it seems that Abundance may be smiling on the two of them as well. A years-long struggle of Kerry’s looks like it will finally come to a resolution, and Richard’s trip to the UK in to Trans-States Conference to give a keynote talk (along with Alan Moore!!!) is turning into a two-week trip, with he and Kerry also traveling to Poland and Germany to give lectures there as well.


Kerry in particular is giving a talk on comparing and contrasting the Rider-Waite and Thoth Tarot decks. For instance she interprets the Rider as more of a materialistic reading of events, while the Thoth tends to be more about the “spirit” of those events. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, she has a whole lot more to say, and so we encouraged to also give her talk at William Blake. I know we’d attend.

Richard also asked me how things on Black Knight were going, which I appreciated. I told them what I could about where things are with that, but flat out told them I’ve learned better than to let the cat out of the bag too early so didn’t really go into too many details there (or here).

The food was incredible, as always, with generous portions of spongy bread to eat up everything with. If you’re a meat-eater, I highly suggest the Goden Tibs, a delectable, lightly charred beef ribs served with onions, flavorful tomatoes, and copious amounts of bright crisp jalapenos in their Dukem house sauce. It’s my absolute favorite there, and it never disappoints (it’s one of those dishes you find yourself dreaming about months later). But… be fore-warned, it and nearly every dish there is spicy to some degree.

We also ordered a bottle of the house honey wine with dinner, that I hadn’t tried before, and now regret it. I love mead, and other honey drinks to what is probably an embarrassing level, and this one more than passed muster. All in all, a really great meal with great friends… what more to want?

Anyway… we said our goodbye’s and headed home, but Jenny and Kerry have plans to get together for some kind of “girl’s night” next week, which I’m sure will be fun, and good for both of them.


Tuesday 8/2/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Leo (NEW)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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