It has been an interesting week of firsts, and in my own head at least I’m starting to see where threads of fate are pulling tighter to reveal how a lot of synchronistic things may actually tie up into a nice pretty bow…

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While I did make a bit more progress on my Blackspire work. I guess I’ve finally written too much, as WordPress seemed to have trouble saving updates to the Pre-History page and I ended up needing to split it into two parts… which seemed to settle things.

Also, as the weird “side obsession” didn’t seem to let me go, I took it upon myself to copy everything Chambers had written down “from” or “about” the King in Yellow play, to try to be able to access some of the ephemeral language surrounding it I find so powerful. This also gave me the impetus to try to “outline” the mysterious events of the first Act of the play, and sent it to Aaron so he could adapt it to his game. While I’m pretty sure he appreciated my breakdown (and I am pretty proud of how much to “canon” I was able to keep) I don’t think I’ll share it here. For one, I plan to use it in the Blackspire RPG and don’t want to spoil things… for the other… well it’s the King in Yellow… mystery is the point.

Our good friend Frater Enlil came up from Virginia to spend the weekend with us, as well as participate in our Temple of the Western Gate event on Saturday and hang out and attend my second lecture at the Theosophical Society in Maryland. He was also planning to stop off on his way home to record some guitar tracks on a friend’s new album project, and had even lugged his guitar gear all the way up here, but those plans fell through (fortunately/unfortunately). Possibly for the best has he’d seemed to have caught an illness his son was suffering from, but it was still great to have him around as we hadn’t seen him in a few gatherings, and I particularly appreciated having another magician around in the crowd to touch base with as my talk progressed.

But first I need to write as much as I can about the talk that “The Friend” gave for our Temple of the Western Gate gathering. We had a number of new people this time, and unlike out past gatherings of actual ritual work, this was a talk more about “The Friend’s” work as a psychic investigator, and (for our purposes) about the long learning process she went through to learn her techniques for sending souls to the Light. While we all promised not to share any specific details concerning her investigative work, for myself I am more interested in understanding her spiritual techniques.

While there’s a lot left to keep under my hat, I was able to extrapolate a few key nuggets from her talk that relate directly to our Temple of the Western Gate work… that it now seems (upon retrospect) self-evident what to do with it.

  • Around our Astral silver cord is a separate golden cord. In the space between them is where all our experiences are stored.
  • Apparently on the other side, angels are lining up to become “assigned” to a consecrated altar “duties”. Apparently the Catholic rite of dedication is very effective means of consecration (from a ritual perspective)… and as it incorporates offerings of flowers, food, incense, and a candle it sounds like a magick ritual to me.
  • When souls are helped to the other side, sometimes they offer to give the practitioner aid when they cross over into the Light.
  • “The Friend” describes visualizing a door of white light that the lost souls can step through and into The Light. This may end up requiring a bit more energy that I’d initially thought for this type of work (her success seemed sometimes to require group effort). Regardless, she suggested using the cover of The Moody Blues album Octave to aid with your own visualization of this door of light.

The Moody Blues – “Octave”

So, what does this mean for us? While I have yet to discuss my new ideas with “The Friend”, I feel like the obvious thing to do is to build an altar in our home dedicated to serving as a permanent open gate to the Light that lost souls who find it can pass through without there needing to be a team of light-workers to first help them open it.

Obviously I have to build The Western Gate.

The good news is we actually have an excellent place for it. It’s even cube shaped, perfect for the “octave” door to “fit” inside of. I can even see TotWG members who interact with the altar can even leave their own requests/prayers/spells upon it that any grateful spirits who are so inclined can lend their aid towards. Naturally, I’ll need to do a ton more research, and seek even more guidance before such a thing can be properly manifested, but this was a “ton of bricks” moment of inspiration for me. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with so many powerful practitioners… and have a new project that might be something not unlike an ultimate karmic good…

But anyway… as for my talk at the Theosophical Society, while I felt I did OK wrapping up my talk, it took its toll and I needed to do some serious grounding and meditation to shrug off the illness I felt when I got home.

The day was not without its technical glitches, but I’m hoping I was able to capture the majority of anything important I said on video and/or sound. I’m really afraid to go through it all yet, but when I get it all ready and “postable” I plan to put the MAGICK 102 content up on this site as well.

I said I thought “it’s all building to something, I can feel it”… and that seems to get a little clearer every day…

Sunday 2/26/17-

Sun: Pisces-

Moon: Pisces (NEW)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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  1. Hi would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m going to start my own blog soon but I’m having a tough time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!|

    1. I use WordPress (specifically with the i-max theme) and I like the dynamic visuals it provides very much. Best of luck with your own endeavors!

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