So, I decided to try out the test mold that I made of my scarab bead. To try to capture the most detail (especially the hieroglyphics on the flat bottom) I ended up positioning the scarab horizontally, and creating the rubber mold around it, which also means there’s no easy way to cast the bead in orgonite with a hole in the middle (which is what I want to use it for).

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I’d been trying to figure out the best way to create a hole in the middle  of the bead, as well as run a loop of copper wire through the center, and what I came up with was to create a tight spool of wire (using the metal dowels I got for my wife to make her mail rings) and spin it long enough to fit through the middle of the bead.


I then took the spool of wire and filled the middle with rubber cement, which should keep the interior “water tight”. I then stuck it down the middle of the mold and mixed up some epoxy, tinted it with blue food coloring, and mixed in some clipped up bits of copper wire. That plus the interior wire core should fulfill the prerequisites for a piece of orgonite, and dropped it in the mold with “minimal” mess.

5_1_16_2 5_1_16_3

I let it harden for a few hours, just to be on the safe side, and worked the piece out of the mold with very little effort. Either the mold or the epoxy ended up warping inside, so I think I’ll be recasting the scarab mold a second time, but the rubber cement technique was a success (the glue came out by poking a toothpick all the way though a few times) so for my purposes the bead works for me. I strung it on a piece of leather that I’ve hung my e-cigarette on so has both form and function. I’ve especially happy to see the hieroglyphics reproduced so well. I expect my next attempt to be even better, and there is a lot of room to tweak techniques.


I also was able to remove the Fire Wand sculpt from its mold as well. As expected, I needed to make some cuts in the mold to free it, but my cuts were deliberately jagged, so with a simple rubber band I should be able to ensure the mold keeps its original shape when I cast the orgonite inside it (and have just ordered a larger amount of resin for both this and the Water Cup project). If you peek inside you can see the Hebrew letter Yod captured on each of the five sides.


And, I don’t usually talk about cooking stuff, but I wanted to do something nice for Jenny tonight, so I decided to make her homemade donuts from scratch. The recipe is something I got from Tasty (credit where credit is due) and was able to make a dozen donuts (and a braided sorta thing with the excess) and fry them up in our little deep-fryer. Some I glazed and others got the cinnamon/sugar treatment.






Sunday 5/1/16-

Sun: Taurus-

Moon: Pisces-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.


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