So, I’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate the Platonic solids into my four magick tools. The cube of Earth solved itself with the square box I made for my pentacle.

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For the dagger, I actually had a small octahedron made out of ivory (don’t ask, I remember it being a gift but couldn’t remember from whom). That I wrapped it in copper tape, attached an anchor piece to it, and hung it with copper wire from one end of the braided leather cord tying the blade into the sheath (peace-knot style).


Completed Air Dagger


I also have a plan to include little tetrahedrons (and a dodecahedron) into the fire wand head, though that all is still in the development stage. How to include an icosahedron into the water cup still eludes me for now… but eventually it’ll come to me.

I also used an enamel paint to fill in the engraved sigils on the side of the chalice, and so now the tool itself is complete (sans consecration). I’d originally planned on using a copper color for the sigils, but ended up settling on a rich blue color instead, which I think looks pretty cool, and is correspondently sound, etc…

I still have to get the pall and purificator worked out for the cup, but that’s more “container” than “tool” for me anyway (and generally totally unnecessary, magickally speaking…). But, I think it’ll work better for my headspace to have each tool to have an “active” and an “at rest” state, so to speak. Plus it’ll be easier for me to connect with the religious experiences of my youth, particularly as an acolyte to have my “holy grail” resemble ones from a Christian Mass.

I also put a little more time info the nitty-gritty background info and write-ups for the actual sections of this blog I still need to get sorted… not the most fun, but necessary. I need to talk to Alek about all this stuff again soon…


Wednesday 9/30/15

Sun: Libra

Moon: Taurus

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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