What’s Adventure Hook you might ask? It’s a podcast about role-playing games, story-telling, and the art of GMing (being a Game Master). Every episode, we take a simple idea for a role playing game, like Dungeons & Dragons, and develop it into a scenario that listeners can use for their own one-shot, complete adventure arc, or even base an entire campaign around.

We chose our Adventure Hook topics at random by rolling a d20 and consulting our table of 20 different ideas… and after making it the topic of our next episode; we replace that Hook with a new one chosen from our listener submitted suggestions.

Pilot: Rats in the Cellar

Episode 2: An Item Coveted by All

Episode 3: The Lights in the Woods

Episode 4: The Unprovisioned Town

Episode 5: The Mysterious Item

Episode 6: The Assassination Target

Episode 7: The Cursed Town

Episode 8: The Improbable Location













Episode 9: Countdown to the Full Moon


Episode 10: Let’s go on a Pilgrimage!


Episode 11: Some Mystical Thing


Episode 12: Stop the Magical Slave Trade


Episode 13: A Bad Wizard in a Scary Tower



Episode 14: Heretic in the Sanctuary


Episode 15: The Witch in the Hunting Grounds

Episode 16: The Fool’s Errand


Episode 17: A Very Lovecraft Christmas


Episode 18: The New Land on the Horizon



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Episode 19: The Former God’s Religion