Hi… we’re co-hosts Aaron Campbell (Infidel, Uncanny) and Robert Randle (Serial Artist, Blackspire Studios) and you’ve just heard a brief excerpt from “Rats in the Cellar”… our pilot episode of the Adventure Hook Podcast. What’s Adventure Hook you might ask? It’s a podcast about role-playing games, story-telling, and the art of GMing (being a Game Master).

Every episode, we take a simple idea for an RPG (like Dungeons & Dragons) and develop it into a scenario that listeners could use to run their own one-shot, complete adventure arc, or even have the foundation for an entire campaign. We chose our Adventure Hook topics at random by rolling a d20 and consulting our table of 20 different ideas… and after making it the topic of our next episode; we replace that Hook with a new one chosen from our listener submitted suggestions.

The two of us have collaborated on a number of projects in the past, but one of our favorite things to do was always to brainstorm gaming ideas together that we could then each incorporate into our own RPG campaigns. In fact, those long correspondences were what initially inspired the seeds of the Adventure Hook podcast in the first place..!

We love what we do… and we love sharing our creative writing process with the rest of the gaming community even more. We have always been big believers in the positive output that these collaborative “vetting sessions” bring to our personal games, and so now that we have you… yet another GM (or at least a potential GM) to share them with as well… we feel strongly that you too will find something within our programs that can creatively inspire you to also take your story-telling to the next level…

More than anything else, we just want to keep this going, for ourselves and for the gaming community who we hope that with each episode someone listens to they get at least one good idea they can use later ‘round the gaming table… If you also want us to continue, we’d be honored if you would help us.

Creating Adventure Hook takes resources. Time, supplies, equipment, data, money… all these things and more are needed to bring a show like this about. And relax, please do not worry… we are committed to always releasing our core show for free. That you’ve even stuck with us this long means a great deal to us. We are both incredibly grateful for your support… so we want to do more for our listeners… and by also becoming our backer on Patreon… we can start to give back to you that much more.

On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about our Patreon campaign… We have various tiers of support, from the most Basic all the way through Immortal… each level more challenging (and more rewarding) than the last..!

By supporting us here you can help cover our costs, motivate us to keep going, and help make it possible for us to release more content, more frequently. Patreon backers will receive everything from various personalized communications on the program, access to early, exclusive, and unique show content, score cool gaming paraphernalia, and (for only the most brave or foolish) even have an entire episode of Adventure Hook devoted to us sitting down and actually developing your campaign with you.

So… please check out our page and support or donate at a level you’re comfortable with. Even if you’re not (currently) interested in giving us monetary support today, please still spread the word about Adventure Hook to the fellow gamers, GMs, and storytellers in your life who’d probably appreciate our little show. Letting other people know about us sincerely, seriously helps. We mean it…

So, thanks!

And let the story begin!




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