Another prophet shall arise, and with golden fire crack the skies.

Another priestess shall decree the rightful worship of the Tree.

Another traitor turns its face to spell the doom of all thy race.

Fools become kings, and kings become jesters,

Reaped by the vengeance of the Darkest Har-vester.

-The Dark Bard

One day a Dark Harvester shall come. He shall rise up to judge his own kind and reset the Balance once more.

-Princess Arylyn of Myrlantea

A(n) (former) (un)living (wo)man shall gather up (her)his fellows to (harvest vengeance) cast judgment upon them. (S)He will resurrect the Temple of (the sky) Heaven by returning to it (the thing) something that is not yet, but has always been.

-mysterious Arcusian hieroglyphs inscribed on a monolith in Deviant’s Harbor

Controversial Variants:

The Rising of the Dragons

The injured head of Tiamat shall rise to strike its fellows, each shall in turn strike the body, the fifth blow the final one.

-Khelzheys, called “Ice Temper” at the battle of Frostyawn