Is it bad to say I’m a little surprised at myself that I was able to pull something half-successful off?

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I managed to edit together my lecture at the Theosophical Society into a seven part series and get them all up on YouTube. While there’s a lot about the final results I’m not happy with, and a lot more I would have liked to have been able to have done that seemed out of the capabilities of my editing software (or at least my command of knowledge concerning it) and perhaps a dozen or so more things I thought of after-the fact I should have added…

But I eventually had to cut myself so slack, chalk all my technical foibles up to “first-timer growing pains” and hope that I gave it enough authentic effort to be worthwhile. I am excited to continue trying to produce this sort of material as best as I am able, and I hope someone will find it of service to them. I got my first YouTube subscriber this week, so that’s a start!

I also hosted the videos here, if you’d like to check out MAGICK 101.


MAGICK 101 – Introduction to the Fundamentals

The Theosophical Society is looking to get my next classes scheduled since we had to split my first talk up. As right now it looks like I’m available any Sunday in March or April to do the Accoutrements class, I told them to go ahead an slot me in their schedule anywhere they want. I also think there’s a chance this whole thing could become a whole series of talks that I (and maybe some friends I know) continue to give down the line. We’ll see if it’s something they’re interested in.

I also sent over my revised text for the next class, which is still scheduled for the 26th.

Robert Randle will be presenting Part II of his lecture series: Magick 102 - Continuing the Fundamentals on Feb. 26th. His talk Magick 201 - Magickal Accoutrements: Crafting Items for Spellwork has been rescheduled for ????. In Part I: Magick 101, Rob introduced us to the Tree of Life from the Qabbalah and explained some meanings of the first three Sephiroth (Kether, Chokmah, and Binah), with links to the Hermetic Principles, as well as the planets and zodiacal signs. Part II will begin with a short review and then continue further down the Tree of Life. 

Videos of Part I are available at To learn more about Mr. Randle please visit

While I continue to have some great brainstorming talks with Aaron, and keep plugging away at my write ups for the Blackspire campaign history (which keeps getting more complex with each session I recap…), the real fun twist gaming-wise this week was Monday night when my wife invited her co-worker and his boyfriend over to dinner.

Jenny took this opportunity to “show off” a bit and she spent all day roasting the most epic glazed duck you ever did see.


But for me, the super-cool part is both those guys are huge RPG gamers, and the co-worker in particular is a pretty experienced player. They’re both currently involved in an ongoing Ravenloft campaign, and we spent a good amount of time taking gaming, game mastering, and even delved into so of my esoteric territory and magickal thinking surrounding the idea of collective imagination. When I explained it to them as “psychodrama”, and then sited a few examples of me using it in game that way (sometimes inadvertently).

I think I got them both a bit excited thinking about RPGs this way, and when I let them know about my plans to produce my Blackspire RPG web-series for YouTube, they both seemed really open to the idea of participating in a spin-off or something, if things ever come to that…

And in more good news… perhaps the best good news… while of late I haven’t made mention, things at my day job have been somewhat uncertain. I’d worked so hard to create a life that balanced my financial, artistic, relationship, and recreational desires in a way that let me do what I needed to, and for a while now that situation was threatened.

However, I heard today that the exact outcome that I’d been casting for to happen has happened. Actually, it’s even better than what I’d hoped for. Not only does it at least buy me more time so I can continue to dedicate the energy I need to other things, but there’s a new possibility at the end of it that I’d only ever “wished for in my wildest dreams” and never really thought could seriously happen.

Not saying it will, but if that possibility ever manifests into an opportunity, I’m pretty sure I’m going to snatch it right up. I already have ideas about what I’d do with it…

I know, as usual I sound vague about this kind of stuff. I’ve learned long ago not to open Schrödinger’s box too early, just know I am filled with an incredible sense of gratitude, relief, and joy.  It was fairly difficult to constantly have to banish worry, doubt, and fear, over and over and over without fail these past two months (especially given additional possible magickal factors that aren’t worth ruminating on) but man oh man has it ever paid off.

Thank you, Universe!

All is right with the world.


Friday 2/3/17-

Sun: Aquarius-

Moon: Taurus (50% Waxing)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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