Dare we hope that upon entering Scorpio we’re now perhaps finally past this turbulent time. Things seem to finally be moving in that direction, but until we’ve fully past the night of Samhaim we are not out of those woods yet.

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Just in time so to speak I wrapped up the edits and show notes for the latest Adventure Hook episode which is due out on Patreon tomorrow. This also marks the last recorded episode we actually have in the can, and so have nothing currently to release from November 11th on. Hopefully we can get back in the saddle again and soon.

This episode ended up having yet another opportunity to talk about magick (specifically the Hexagram) as the question posed by one of Adventure Hook’s Patreon supporters was one that really got me thinking, and hopefully came up with some responses that were satisfying both creatively and Qabbalistically.

Still, we’ve gotten some interest to collaborate from a somewhat high profile personality in the gaming community, which we may be taking him up on, and perhaps sooner rather than later given the state of things.

Still, a really fun development was Jenny went ahead and ordered us a new mic for our Blackspire recordings and we had the opportunity to use it this week when out friend Jen came over to record the first (of many to come) side sessions for their two characters Claerydia the gorgon inquisitor and Akihoshi the kitsune sorceress. It is an awesome dynamic of personalities, and one I’ve been excited to run for for a while now.

Jenny felt it was the best game I’d run since out old Reliquum days, as this session ended up amounting to what was primarily a philosophical and spiritual discussion/exploration with a bunch of robots about the nature of the soul, and how an entity actually gets one/proves one has one.

It was also funny/eerie/curious/annoying that even though I’d turn my phone to silent while we were recording, at one point during the game Siri mistakenly thought I was talking to her and interrupted us saying “she didn’t quite get that”. Maybe she wants a soul too… or at least the self-awareness part…

Fun stuff! And once I get it all cleaned up and prepped for teasing/Patreon, unlike anything anyone in the actual-play community has ever heard before.

I’ve also been doing some prep work for the Jolly Paul side session I’ve been teasing for a while now. I really want to design a session that features all kinds of stuff Paul’s player will actually enjoy, and so I’ve been dreaming up something of a “mini-game” that will feel a little bit like a driving mayhem-style video game… but still D&D “enough”.

I’m also looking forward to what new opportunities await at the gamer gathering of Flagons and Dragons this coming week. While I am planning to attend with Jen just as a new player, I really need to settle on an idea or few game scenarios in my back pocket I could run. Or it could be fun to have them just pick an idea based on an episode of Adventure Hook and run from there.

We’ll see…

I know in weeks past I’ve complained about a disconnect, and while I do thing something larger is at work, regardless I’ve needed an attitude adjustment about it and just focus on how grateful I am to just be, regardless of how things are actually manifesting… and whether or not it’s to my (perceptions of) benefit.

Still, while not to level I plan to be operating at one day, I at least continued this week to work into my new kundalini yoga routine, and had varying successes with a few of Maya Fiennes routines I’ve gone and acquired from her website. Something about her strikes the right balance of attitude, practicality, spirituality, and creative tone with me. Perhaps not the most “authentic” of practitioners in the grand scheme of things (I’m certainly no different) but I always like where her heart is at, and the energetic benefits are definitely there when I can find the strength to actually reach it.

While my YouTube channel continues to get comments of varying shades of… well, shade… one new subscriber took the time to express their gratitude, and mentioned my videos were a “hidden gem” on YouTube. Sometimes I it feels like the emphasis should be on “hidden”, but that person was a contributing factor towards the channel cresting 950 subscribers this week.

Yup, with honestly no new effort on the video/lecture front at all, that’s now 950 subscribers, and so the idea of reaching 1000 before the end of the year is really not unrealistic… though I honestly have no idea what if anything I should do once that happens.

This week Jenny and I also drove down to DC to visit my sister and do the classic aunt and uncle thing… take our little nephew to the zoo. And so of course, just like last time we saw him, he wound up on a carousel…

We all had a blast exploring the zoo (even though most creatures were MIA) and so ended up spending the whole afternoon there until they closed, and so wound up skipping dinner and heading home for Baltimore once we got them home.

It wasn’t until the following day Jenny pointed now we too were factors in the “month of disconnects” as we’d bailed on them for dinner, and so while we’ve tried to keep all our engagements and commitments up to this point, perhaps acknowledging we’re not perfect either, maybe we “passed on the curse”, or maybe that too was just part of turning that energetic corner… but with the New Moon upon us once more… it all feels more like a fresh start than things have in a while…

This was made all the more clear as we enjoyed a really nice evening with a new couple friends of ours at their place for the first time, and to our complete surprise learned that each of us had a mutual friend of ours from high school (in different states mind you) that had gone on to marry one another… The actual odds of it all are downright confounding, but long ago I’ve stopped being shocked at the unprecedented and instead am just going to take it as a sign our paths were all meant to cross for some reason…

All is right with the world. It always was and always will be.

Still, with Halloween upon us it’s not time for any light-workers to get lazy. I’ll keep doing my yoga to build up my defenses, but the mass meditation the 144K are doing this Thursday may be the most crucial group operation yet for a REAL corner turning into an even more awesome future…

We already see the rumblings of Disclosure…

It’s well past time…


Sunday 10/27/19-

Sun: Scorpio–

Moon: Libra (New)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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