Another fun call today with Aaron today. He and I have both been dancing around the final crux of his campaign, and I’m inspired to actually meditate on it at times…

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I also continue to make tweaks to the t-shirt design for Lodge. It’s looking like we won’t be able to do a full color shirt, so we will likely limit it to a 2 color design… which since the whole point of the “rainbow” hexagram is lost if we can’t do that I may want to try to do one and include the icon for William Blake Lodge that the new Body Master asked me to design. Blake’s art often featured the dragon from Revelations 12 and the Woman Clothed in the Sun, so I may try to include them in the icon’s design. I’ve been inspired by the “hydra” depicted on this piece of armor in the Hermitage museum, and I may borrow from the design. Here are my redesigns I sent to the Lodge officers for the 2-color approach if we stick with a hexagram however.


I’m also jumping in by (first) painting the various wood textures of the City Builder set. I’m going to play around with some variety of color, but uniformity is also the key to versatility as far as the mix-and-match element of these models are concerned, so most of the wood I’m going for an old and distressed look.



Since the base color of the “dwarvenite” pieces is that really great dark grayish-brown, it is the perfect neutral color to build almost any color on top of it. I’m certainly tempted to prime the pieces first, but as the color works fine as is, and paint adheres the the surface quite nicely, with some simple dry-brushing I’m really able to get these to “come alive” (as dead wood).


Thursday 5/12/16-

Sun: Taurus-

Moon: Leo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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