I’ve asked Brother Alex, Wimsaur, Frater Superabo, Soror Rhianon and of course Jenny to commit to participating in my Summer Solstice Ritual on 6/18/16 so I can get all the major points squared away, and provide the participant requirements to the Lodge in due time.

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I’ve been struck with some serious inspiration lately (which I has asked the angels for mid-meditation, and the response was immediate), and so now I think I now know what I need to do to tie the Solstice ritual together with the Thelemic Tea Ceremony/Wealth Operation and make the whole thing work. Depending on what I actually write, I may or may not enlist more people to help, but with these five core folks I can pull off what I currently have planned. It shall be epic.

I’ve also asked Kerry to be my supervising Bishop so I can eventually start performing the role of Deacon at Mass with her approval, and she’s going to send me the material I need. She also sent me a copy of the proposal she sent this year to the Trans-States Conference and wants to perform (with two other musicians/magicians) Transitions and Leaps (1990) by Stuart Saunders Smith. She didn’t tell me why she sent it my way (I wish I really could appreciate the innovative score… which I was asked not to share) but my fingers are crossed for her.

Now… it’s off to see our accountant to get our taxes done. Fun…


Thursday 3/24/16

Sun: Aries

Moon: Libra

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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