After the last of last night’s guests went home this morning, Jenny and I spent a nice quiet day recuperating from yesterday’s ritual.

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We spent much of the day absorbing a whole host of content from the Gaia network that we’ve newly subscribed to. It has something for every esoteric, no matter how fringe (or lack thereof) you might be.

With that playing in the background, I set to preparing some raw materials I’ll need when I start to make some more orgonite. I’m playing with a few different ideas for my next projects, but my master plan is to eventually create an orgonite obelisk in seven sections, each attuned to a different chakra.

I’ve read that copper and aluminum make the best metals to use, and additionally the ratio of organic to inorganic material should be as close to 50/50 as you can get. My past projects have leaned slightly on the side of esthetics in that regard, so in the interest of function over form, I’ve tried to think of the best ways to achieve this.


I’ve also read that energy in this matter prefers to travel along spirals. This very much reminded me of the old medieval superstition that demons could be trapped inside glyphs made of curved lines. As the purported function of orgonite is to trap and then transmute negative energy into positive (i.e. raise its vibration) this concept seemed to “rhyme”, so I figured that while actual coils of wire submerged in epoxy run a high risk of trapping air bubbles (and throwing off the ratio) piles of metal loops might serve in a similar (if perhaps more chaotic) capacity.

Using my wife’s chain mail making tools, I spent a few hours winding up spools of copper wire of various gauges and at various diameters. I don’t have an inkling yet if one configuration might work better than another, so I figured mixing it up and adding some randomness couldn’t hurt. I also made a few spirals (including wrapping a very nice piece of quartz that “The Friend” had given me as a gift) as well as just some random chopped up bits. I managed to fill most of this cup before very long.


I also went ahead and order a big thing of copper (plated) BBs, which I’ll use in conjunction with the rings to both fill in the space and perhaps create some kind of Saturnal/Galactic/Atomic dynamic between the various bits of metal. I’ve heard BBs work great in orgonite as well, so it seems sound to me.

I still have so many projects in progress, and so much to do, but for once the anxiety that usually comes with that is not quite so pronounced (read: “stabby”), so I’m going to chalk that up to the Hexagram ritual’s success!

Our will be done. So mote it be.


Sunday 12/18/16-

Sun: Sagittarius-

Moon: Virgo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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