I feel like my past few posts have all been reiterations of each other… I suppose because I’m still just working on all the same stuff…

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Aaron and I recorded another episode of Adventure Hook this week. Again we were focused on the Campaign Talk, which is a segment we’re going to do for our Pateron-only supporters. We recorded another episode around Aaron’s campaign “The Ills of Illipur” and wound up with approximately three hours worth of content, which depending how we edit it together should give us some more decent material.

For my part however, I’ve continued to work on the same painting project that I began work on a month ago… that secret on I can’t talk about. The process is proving to be painstakingly slow for me for a number of reasons, and I’m constantly reminded why I hung up my oils and switched to painting in the computer many years ago.

But… this isn’t like most projects. I’ve been advised to consider it a holy work, and like any magickal operation it requires a number of elements to be sacred. One of those is I need to actually produce something physical, so as such most of my more problematic issues immediately become moot. I did feel like I made some real progress this week however, and while the end is still a ways off, I feel like I’ve finally got it to the point where it doesn’t quite torment me like it had been doing. Instead I just try to follow the mantra The Friend informed me had been provided to her while I work on this art.

Faith. Trust. Surrender.

And… I was quite pleased and humbled to receive notification that I have surpassed 100 Subscribers to my YouTube Channel! This means I will create a video based on a viewer-submitted topic (provided I ever get one), but the Theosophical Society has asked me to give more talks in the Spring, Brother Enlil has expressed interest in “joining the conversation”, and it seems Frater Superabo has also been busy, and we’ve toyed with collaborating on some videos as well, so lots of room to create more content there.

Sadly, this means I’ve been unable to do any work on Blackspire stuff (though I am excited about playing next week), so instead I’ve been binging a number of actual play podcasts to continue to acclimate myself to the industry and riddle out my own approaches to joining it. Here are my current favorites:

Favorite Actual Play Podcasts
  • Laughfinder – a favorite for a number of reasons (not the least of which is I am a former guest). Five comedians and one special guest try to fit in a session of Starfinder in between ripping on each other. They also feature my custom Blackspire Studios miniatures.
  • The Adventure Zone – I know I’m late to the game with these mega-popular guys, but I’m working through their show now. Three brothers and their hilarious dad play D&D 5th edition and really grow as gamers throughout the campaign.
  • Neon Rival – a Chicago based RPG collective of improvisers with some very high quality shows like Godsfall and the Dungeon Rats… I feel like these are the “guys to beat” when it comes to Blackspire’s production value.
  • How We Roll – a fun group of guys and gals who focus on horror games like Call of Cthulhu and Ravenloft. Ironically they found me first when they asked for permission to use my Dunwich Horror piece, but since I’ve become hooked and am now completely caught up on all their episodes.
  • Shadow of the Cabal – a very serious, cerebral game with some very dedicated players. They just wrapped up their brutal L5R campaign which was quite a thrill ride.
  • Red Moon Roleplaying – totally in a category by itself… without a doubt the darkest, most serious actual play podcast out there that I’ve found… currently working their way through a campaign of the controversial dark occult game Kult… with good reason… this game skirts uncomfortably close to the edge of actual magick.
  • One Shot Podcast – while there’s a lot of good stuff from these guys, of particular note is the results of their gameplay with Monte Cook’s new game Invisible Sun. While Mr. Cook claims the game is “not magical” is it clear that he took vast inspiration from Qabbalah, the Tarot, the Goetia, and much else. I’m the first to warn of the dangers of “playing around with magick in your stories” and so it was much to my unsurprised amusement to witness the player’s shock at the regular synchronicity they experienced throughout their sessions from the very first one. “What else did you expect?” has been my thinking, but I am reminded quite a bit of what I’ve also tried to do (on purpose mind you) with my own Reliquum and Monomyth games, and so perhaps it’s good how much he “missed the mark” magickally speaking in some pretty key areas, which I think dulls any dangerous edges the game might have. I am quite keen to reach out to them to see if they’d be actually interested in discussing some of the magickal implications of gaming at some point, but I feel I should have my own Blackspire and Adventure Hook podcasts live myself before I consider it.


Friday 3/17/18-

Sun: Pisces–

Moon: Aries (New)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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