I admit it… today I’m pooped. While staying up until way to late with Brother Alex last night didn’t help, neither did going up and down ladders/moving furniture while setting up yesterday do my knees and back any favors either… damn… I am out of shape…

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But it was totally worth it. It is awesome to see the Lodge transformed for this particular initiation ceremony. Believe me, I very much wanted to take a picture of the space, but I’m afraid the only way you’ll get to see it is if you were to go through this ritual at William Blake Lodge yourself.

While I do believe some of my less-than-savory suspicions of interference were confirmed, and a different kind of tension still hung in the air… I was sure to put all that aside for the evening and focus entirely on the candidates and making their experience as memorable as my own Minerval initiation was.

I’d like to think we succeeded.

And even though I ended up not being as involved with the full ceremony as I’d hoped to be, the candidates (especially the ones I sponsored) seemed to really enjoy their experience.

We also furnished Soror Q.I.P. and Brother Alex with the framed initiation gifts that Jenny had cross-stitched for them. Below are images I made for her Etsy site, so at her request I Photo-shopped out the dates so as to not “implicate” them, or make it less specific/more universal… whatever… initiation01initiation04_framed

Soror Q.I.P. will be moving out of state next week to follow her dream of attending art school, and while we’ll miss her like crazy, we know she needs to go on this adventure. Now, since her participation in the Solstice ritual, her financial aid for school, her housing situation, and even the perfect job in her new city have all come through for her… and she is ready to go forth to succeed!  I’d like to think our collective Abundance magick had some small part in that. I would talk about Enlil Ka Ahk‘s own success since the ritual as well, as his looks to be slightly more of a mixed blessing, but after the way things panned out for him yesterday, I’m not sure what to think…

Yes I do. I’m furious for him. He was my candidate, dammit!!! And it appears possible that the person who I think crossed him would not dare face me. That was probably wise for everyone involved… karma will have its due in time…

Still, after the ceremony and breakdown, Brother Alex came back over to our place, and we spent another fun evening discussing all manner of things. While I was thankfully able to commiserate on a number of topics I’d rather not embellish here, what was most pleasing to hear was his own success story after the Abundance ritual.

His tea expertise is in many respects without compare, and it seems that the wholesale business he was struggling to create is now ready to go into full swing as early as next month. It seems the Universe has furnished him with the absolute perfect business partner, one who their strengths and weaknesses compliment each other. The perfect storm so the speak, and Jenny and I couldn’t be more happy for him.

But today, exhausted as I am, I am a lucky guy. Jenny used her massage therapy knowledge to full effect and patiently rubbed the ache from my legs and feet and I feel exponentially better.

I have much to face in the weeks ahead, but tonight I’ll be turning in early.


Sunday 8/14/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Capricorn-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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