The unstable energies I mentioned last week haven’t really dissipated… in fact the kind of feel like they’re building to something. Other magicians I’ve talked to have noticed something similar… and feel like something really bad is coming…

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For me, that means it’s time to get transmuting. Turn Crisis to Opportunity and all that… Saturn has been retrograde since late April and next week is finally going to go direct again Tuesday next week.

Some people see that as a kind of karmic re-balancing… where all the work that’s gone into the last six months (for good or ill) is going to receive repayment in full. And Saturn is exalted in Capricorn… Lord of the Earth. The Devil given his due, perhaps?

Well regardless, Saturn won’t go retrograde again until May 2020 (and will have drifted into Aquarius just two month prior) meaning by July 2020 he’ll have moved right back into Capricorn once again… and stay retrograde until late September (and hang out until December). It almost feels like an exact repeat of what we just spent the past year doing… and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

But sometimes maybe you need to wash and rinse something twice before it’s actually usable again. Like the state of our planet’s consciousness, for instance…

Anyway, on the more 3D front, I buckled down and plowed through the edits on Episode 33 of Adventure Hook. Jenny noted lately that my editing skills are improving, and I think the extra touches I’m starting to give to these episodes really improves the overall listening experience. I think this was another great show, and I’ve gotten pretty good at creating the majority show notes while I edit the episode… so that’s all wrapped up and ready for release on Patreon Monday…

This week also marked the debut of yet another Blackspire Teaser, and hopefully gets the listener hungry to learn this character’s full story (on Patreon of course)…

But that also meant I was quickly running out of finished teasers, so this week I wrapped up two more along much the same lines as this one… which now is enough to take me through the end of September.

Additionally I’ve got excepts from a bunch of other episode already selected that I can use to create at least seven more teasers already! I’ll need to clean them up a bit, and pick some cool music for them, but I technically don’t need to worry about that until next month.

Of those excerpts though, I’ve also scheduled the next four White Hydra episodes to release on Patreon (humorously entitled “Gone Fishin’), which will also cover releases through the first week of October for the Pay the Pinkie level, as well as having completed two more Akihoshi background episodes for the 13th wing supporter level.

I’ve also continued to work a little bit at a time on the miniatures for my two newest player characters.

Akihoshi and Claerydia miniatures (in progress)

I’ll admit the process is slow going as I really haven’t done a ton of work on either, but what I’ve finished so far I’m (mostly) liking…

Akihoshi and Claerydia miniatures (still in progress)

Lots of ways to go for both miniatures, but for an audio-based show there’s hardly the need to get them done, is there? Especially with other things to consider…

I’ve still got at least two more episode’s worth of (mostly edited) Claerydia material recorded to get sorted and scheduled as well (though I’ve already got some choice excepts picked out for Teasers). However, we recorded our two most recent Blackspire episodes using some new equipment, and it while may be too early to say anything for certain, but we’ve certainly noticed a reduction in our usual sound quality, which is a shame because these have been some of the best gaming sessions we’ve done so far…

One of those was a stand alone Claerydia side session that I thought went so well it had me buzzing the next day even. To learn the sound on that one suffered is a big blow, but perhaps worse was the first actual get-together we did as a group to record out first collaborative Season 2 show.

Let’s just say a number of conditions were less than ideal, which wouldn’t have bothered me were it not for the fact that the final sound recording ended up being affected by them. Like perhaps you might even consider it severely affected… and there’s a chance the equipment issue only exacerbated the problem.

No one to blame but myself. It does suck though, since both those games went so damn well… mostly because how good the players were (especially when I consider them teaming up in the future). And we sowed some killer storytelling seeds that first S2 session to boot!

Ah well… one way or another I’ll at least let the Patreon supporters hear it.

In other, incredibly exciting news (that I have to be careful about sharing the details of) it turns out that recent comics pitch I’d been working on back in July (see By the Blackest Moon) was actually green-lit this week! They actually like all three of my initial ideas, and they’ve even offered me more pages to work with than I’d originally thought..!

So… now I have to figure out what I’m actually going to do here… and fast! Still, regardless the project’s going to involve more research on my part, and so I’ve finally gone ahead and ordered this copy of the 13 Yule Lads of Iceland which Jenny and I had admired while we were visiting Iceland, but passed on (having already purchased enough awesome folklore/magick books already, thankyouveddymuch).

The Blackspire podcast hit it’s 3000th download this week. While I imagine that’s not actually a lot for a year’s worth of releases compared to many other podcasts, but I’m coming to terms with my reality as an abysmal self-promoter of a technologically inelegant show. Or trying to anyway. But, even if only a handful of people ever really enjoy it, I still know it’s good.

I’ve also crested 850 subscribers to my YouTube Channel this week, and even received some very positive feedback from a new subscriber who has found those lectures very informative. The infrequent feedback I do sometimes get on my videos tends to often be negative, and so this has reminded me of why I did them in the first place… to be of service…

That aside, most of these videos aren’t getting a ton of viewer retention (I’m clearly not for most people), so the urgency to pour a ton of hours into creating something more that’s new isn’t really there at the moment. I’m not even really sure what I have left to contribute that hasn’t already been handled (and better) by Frater Xavier already… and I’m honestly not looking forward to making another full-on slideshow experience (like the Magick 101 videos) and finally cobble together the nightmare that would end up being Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual – Part 2 (which I only have less-than-stellar audio for).

Still, I have been feeling the urge to find a way to be of service, and upon talking to Brother Enlil about the prospect again, there may be a way to fill this gap by revisiting the idea of doing the Temple of the Western Gate podcast.

From Art and Science, to the Occult and Disclosure, there’s lots we both have to talk about that the esoteric community might enjoy listening to. It’s not even a real idea yet, but something he and I have both been privately considering for a while now…

This week also marks nine years at my day job, which is due for its own form of transmutation in the next month or so (and one which I hopes begins to reward some of that karmic payback we were talking about). One of the freelance projects I’m also doing now has a light at the end of the tunnel, and which by the end of the month should have also transformed into something that is both quicker and easier (and may even pay a little bit better).

The hits just keep on coming, and with the Full Moon upon us it’s time to perform my monthly Abundance ritual once more. However, with Jenny’s birthday also falling on the 14th, I’d hoped to instead get it taken care of late Friday evening before taking her to the Maryland Renaissance Faire for a day full of food/friends/frivolity… But, like a good little magician I checked and sure enough the moon was Void of Course all night and promptly decided it’d be unwise to preform it then…

So instead of just “knocking it out” I put it off until the moon would be squarely in Aries, and instead just focused the day on my wife’s birthday.

We got a good jump on the day (traffic to Crownsville had never been that light for us ever) and so had a chance to rent our costumes (which regrettably I have no pictures of myself in) and even had Jenny select a wreath of flowers for her hair to go with her outfit. She went with an interesting eucalyptus leaves and bright green/purple flowers mix, and I really think she looks beautiful.

Fair Lady Jenny is ready for a day at the festival

We were soon joined by more friends, a few of which naturally had their own outfits as well…

Jenny and Esti posing quite picturesquely

While other friends who also showed weren’t nearly so nerdy to dress up for Renn Faire, I at least managed to grab this pic, which also included our newest Blackspire player Jen sporting her amazing homemade outfit as well.

Esti, Jen, and Jenny ready for adventure!

We all had a great time, but found that while we’d spent most of the day there, we still hadn’t quite eaten or drunk to the fullest that we’d expected to. Perhaps next year then…

Still… that left the Abundance ritual to this evening, and once Jenny drifted off at the end of a busy day, I once again performed the monthly magickal operation that I’m only too privileged to do. I may not be a rich man, but I am abundantly wealthy in all the things that matter to me, and I only ever feel grateful for the life I lead (though probably never truly grateful enough).

Life is good.

Happy birthday, Jenny! I love you.



Saturday 9/14/19-

Sun: Virgo–

Moon: Aries (Full)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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