Like night and day… things seem much different than they did a week ago. While nothing is technically different, my mindset is, which of course not only makes all the different, it’s the only thing that really matters in the end…

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I’m definitely feeling better than I had… let this truly be the end of it…

I’m now back to it being the stray, inconsequential requests I think about once and immediately discard that are manifesting. I’ve probably been trying too hard of late, perhaps at everything. Things come easiest when I’m relaxed but still engaged… and I feel like I’m firing on those cylinders again.

So… this week my YouTube channel hit 400 subscribers! That’s still 600 to go before YouTube even considers monetizing my channel, but that’s not the point anyway. I said I’d never try to profit directly from spiritual instruction/lectures (which the Magick 101 talks definitely are) though I won’t turn it down if enough people truly become engaged… I’ll just make sure to funnel it into other spiritual pursuits… like Temple of the Western Gate (which I haven’t forgotten about, just haven’t been pursuing).

I also haven’t decided what to do with the most recent lecture at the Theosophical Society, but said I’d wait until the one in December to decide once I had all the captured content on hand… I don’t think there’s anything crucial in what I have right now (not even sure how much is actually worthwhile) that needs to “get out there” and since I don’t feel pushed in that direction as of now, I’ve allowed myself to “set it down” focus on the podcasts again…

The “dreaded” S1E13 dropped this week, and all of my fears are probably unfounded… Things might be luckier if they weren’t… I doubt anyone who listened up though twelve episodes is suddenly going to have a change of heart when the hear the gut-wrenching stuff in this episode, but who knows, right? Still, I have been trying to bill it as working well as  a stand-alone one-shot adventure and portfolio piece, so it may be all sink or swim with this episode.

And if they don’t like this episode, there not much else I’d do they would…

A Homecoming Paved in Ashes: Pt 2 (S01E13)

It’s our best episode yet… and a new, epic level of creepy. And we owe quite a bit of that to the Cryo Chamber albums that made up the backbone of this episode.


I’m backing off how heavily I’ll be using their music going forward with the podcast (the upcoming Red Moon episodes obviously excluded) but for the 12 & 13 arc, they work surprisingly well. Creepily well, in fact… And it’s not that I won’t use what I have (I have a lot lot more to pull from) it’s just I want to start mixing things up again, and creating more recurring themes with a few of the (open license) tracks.

That being said, I really felt the need to jump back into the work this week, so I really buckled down and managed to finish up the edits on Season One, Episode 14 as well (Homecoming Paved in Ashes: Part 3). There’s definitely Cryo Chamber stuff in 14 as well… great stuff..!

But even having S1E14 done this week isn’t enough for me to relax… not even close… as that really only gets me caught up to this Sunday (which is when the early release on Patreon of the episode is due out). I’ve got that scheduled at this point and additionally, since iTunes will be down from 11/16 – 11/26, I’ve decided to release episode 14 a few days earlier (on the 15th rather than the 18th) so that will hopefully ensure the episode is find-able on iTunes during that stretch. The same issue will likely strike in December with S1E17’s release on 12/30 (last one of 2018) but as that period iTunes is down starting on the 21st, I may just need to deal until iTunes is back up on Jan 2nd.

Aaron‘s suggested that we take the month of January off recording anything new for Adventure Hook (to mark the break between seasons) and I’m starting to think doing the same thing for Blackspire might be a good approach. Not that I’m planning to start a new Season just yet… but I could use the time to get caught up more…

Because like I said getting S1E14 in the can only go me through the week… so having that wrapped up, I’ve since jumped into the edits on S1E15 and blessedly that episode is so light on sound effects that I really managed to plow through the edits in record time! And while I went lighter on Cryo Chamber stuff, there were still a few good tracks I used…

I mean, I still need the journal entry from Maelik Kileam to intro S1E15 as it’s the start of the next arc (A Feast of Empty Plates) but I plan to get that recorded this Saturday when we’re scheduled to play our next Blackspire session… and then that episode will be done. I’ve also opened up the floor to my other player characters to start doing their own intros for other episodes as well… especially since I’ve started releasing the raw cuts of our show on Patreon well in advance of the edited versions. That lets them all get refreshers of past sessions as well as gives them the fodder to write their own intros, if any are so inclined.

Let’s see if any are so inclined…

I also continue to try my hand at social media… but still only a handful at best seem to engage. Aaron and I have both said we need producer as well as a marketing person… Could what we really want be to get picked up by some larger interest? Would we lose our freedom? Might it be worth it? Who can say? I may have to consider casting for more help at some point…

Cross that bridge if and when we come to it…

In the meantime, there was also some focus on Adventure Hook this week. First, Aaron got a crazy itch he couldn’t scratch concerning the promo image for Episode 14 (A Heretic in the Sanctuary) and asked me to mock up a new image based on a baroque painting he’d become fixated on…

So, while I didn’t agree necessarily, still I did my best to mock up the promo with new image. I’ll put it side by side with my original from last week and let you decide on your own which you prefer…


Hell… if either gets someone to listen to an episode they otherwise wouldn’t have, I honestly don’t care… It’s a good episode in either regard. And in truth we’re now fifteen episodes in and are really hitting our stride, and consistently show we can do this.

Because on that note, we did actually record episode 15 of Adventure Hook this week and it was another good one. We ended up dipping heavily in Arthurian legend and the Divine Feminine… and once again I got to wax all poetic about magick… which is also sorta the whole point of why I do any of this…

We also spent the episode’s opening banter talking about advice for first time GMs (which is a question I see almost weekly in various gaming message groups on Facebook). Hopefully this episode may end up being one of those people regularly refer other too when this (very common) question comes up…

I even managed to mock up a very cool promo for the episode using Waterhouse’s very compelling painting of Morgan Le Fay which I thinks fits the various themes we touched on quite nicely…

I’ve also been working on my preparations for Episode 16 which our old gaming buddy Matt suggested we take a look at JohnnFour’s technique for using the 5 Room Dungeon approach to crafting adventures… and we’ve decided to embrace the idea for that show… I can see why the internet picked up on this as it’s a pretty solid template…

So solid in fact, that I’ve noticed (as I also show with Monomyth) how and where it mimics a “cross-section” of the Hero’s Journey (the action/adventure part) and thus the zodiac. Naturally I went into some decent detail on this topic in my Magick 101 (Part 4) video… basically from 7:30 – 12:30 covers it…

Anyway, I’ll likely end up plugging it a bit when we record that one next week… should be good stuff and another solid episode. Additionally we’re still playing around with what we’ll do for Episode 17, which will be our Christmas show… we’ve got a very cool iron in the fire which it’s still too early to discuss, but regardless we plan to make that show inspired by this creepy H.P. Lovecraft poem…

EPISODE 17 – Christmas With Cthulhu

Yule Horror by H.P. Lovecraft (Weird Tales December 1926)

There is snow on the ground,
  And the valleys are cold,
 And a midnight profound
  Blackly squats o’er the wold;
But a light on the hilltops half-seen hints of feastings unhallow’d and old.

 There is death in the clouds,
  There is fear in the night,
 For the dead in their shrouds
  Hail the sun’s turning flight,
And chant wild in the woods as they dance round a Yule-altar fungous and white.

 To no gale of earth’s kind
  Sways the forest of oak,
 Where the sick boughs entwin’d
  By mad mistletoes choke,
For these pow’rs are the pow’rs of the dark, from the graves of the lost Druid-folk.

 And mayst thou to such deeds
  Be an abbot and priest,
 Singing cannibal greeds
  At each devil-wrought feast,
And to all the incredulous world shewing dimly the sign of the beast.


Wednesday 11/7/18-

Sun: Scorpio–

Moon: Scorpio (NEW)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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