Summer has arrived. It’s hard to believe the year is halfway over already, but it’s time for all that’s taken root to begin to thrive. It’s time

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This week the latest episode of Adventure Hook went live on iTunes, and this episode was cool as Aaron and I did a little unpacking of the To Baator & Back episodes before diving into the hook.

The timing of this seems awesomely apropos as there’s been some consistent spikes of new listeners each time a new one comes out (especially in Italy apparently, who’d have guessed?), and while it’s way too early to talk about anything specific, it looks like Aaron and I might be doing some more of the same sometime soon. All I’ll say is I’m excited to be taking a new and fresh look at the Numenera setting…

I’ve also done my prep-work for our next Ravenloft: Realms of Terror Legend Lore recording… and I now have a lycanthrope’s path of corruption mapped out (by phenotype). Not sure yet when we’ll actually record that one, but we have plenty of material yet to cover we’ve barely scratched the surface on, so no worries there…

Also, since my last post (on the full moon) two episodes of To Baator and Back have gone live, and while the Red Moon guys are cool with it being on my feed as well, for now I’m content to let it live on their site (certainly at least until the initial seven episodes release) and ideally even take on a life of its own before I consider revisiting them.

It might be cool to do a “remastered” version someday, especially if I end up partnering with any other music/SFX folks down the line or anything… but for now I want to let it be its own thing for now.

And I can’t really tell you why, but I really struggled an above average amount (generally speaking) in the creation of the final Epilogue episode of Blackspire Season 1. Still, despite some false starts, and more than a few tricky bits, in the end I think I’ve created a pretty cool epilogue to what we’ve done so far…

BISHAMONTEN the stone golem samurai with the kami Kippa, his trusty shikigami ninja
BISHAMONTEN the stone golem samurai with the kami Kippa, his trusty shikigami ninja

Mostly I’m just pleased to have it done and live on Patreon already. It’ll go live in the iTunes et al. feed next week, and my hope is that it whets the whistle of any listener and entices them to weather the indefinite gap of time between Monday and whenever it is that Season Two releases over on our Patreon feed, where the adventure continues raw and uninterrupted so to speak…

I’ve already put up the raw recording of the Epilogue episode, as well as the Season 2 Intro Discussion I had with Jenny and Jim prior to us even recording that actual play game. We do some unpacking of Season 1 before diving into everyone’s expectations for Season 2. That one’s more high end, available only to 13th Wing ($10) supporters and above…

But things progress in that direction as well, as this week I’ve managed to both record and edit two different new episodes for Patreon. I did a Jolly Paul side session (which I managed to start introducing even more thematic mirrors to the story’s new direction) and I plan to release that before doing the big Zarathusa assassination story arc. This one I’m considering actual-play so it will release as a Pay the Pinkie ($5) level Raw cut.

The other recording I did with Jenny, as we got the first hour-long recording under our belt of us brainstorming up her new character (the gorgon private eye/super-assassin) Claerydia Saxum. We both had fun doing this together, and I think we managed to get on mic the majority of what we’d already discussed about her character previously off-mic. This one did need a little tidying up in a few places, but regardless these edits are still 1000 times easier when I’m not worried about layering in music and SFX. Our next step is to finish rolling up her character in HeroLab, and from there we can do a part 2 and beyond… She even floated a few ideas for side sessions we could do beyond this, but as this episode is a Character Background one, it’s end up in the 13th Wing as well…

But, perhaps that all pales in comparison to the other thing I participated in this week, what might actually be considered a “final blow” of sorts, as far as mass meditations are concerned. On the Solstice the 144k held a grand mass meditation, which was largely focused on the 188 degree ley line, aka the Arcadian ley line, also known as Interstate 95…

Which, as luck/fate/synchronicity would have it, featured fairly prominently in my more usual energy work anyways… and so implemented a few additional instructions during this operation… namely performing it outside, which (thanks to the fine weather that day) I found to be a pleasant way to spend this 2 hour+ group meditation.

One step closer towards Full Disclosure… which again circumstances have given me the chance to finally contribute my own little bit of predictive programming in that direction, as that material will become backbone the “fictional” scenario conjured up in our next Adventure Hook recording.

As our good friend Holly pointed out today, as the moon enters its 50% stage it becomes conjunct with Chiron, which is a good time to let go of old pain. It think we could probably all benefit from letting go of some of that, if only to make room for something fresh…


Tuesday 6/25/19-

Sun: Cancer–

Moon: Aries (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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