Happy Halloween! I had a bit of a technical hiccup this week, so this post isn’t actually posting when it should have (below). The Universe dished out some really hard lessons for me this week, and losing this site for a few days was just one of them.

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I’d like to blame it on the astrological changes of  Venus (in retrograde) leaving Scorpio at the same time as Mercury (entering Libra and Sagittarius respectively) and thus both simultaneously abandoning their placement within my birth chart… Venus will go direct again and she’ll be back in Scorpio in early December, but this shift has found me rough…

Aside from the site being down, I also discovered a recording problem that reared its ugly head throughout the last of the Blackspire recordings and my talks at the Theosophical Society suffered the same… only worse. Hours of content are just gone.

I let it put me in a bad place… more than once…

I’ve been playing damage control, and trying to see what can be salvaged or recreated for the podcast at least, and resigning myself that it could all still somehow have been much worse… or even perhaps its a pruning for the better even… It doesn’t feel that way when I’m still so raw, but who am I to declare anything, especially when I’m emotional..?

Still, I’ve been faced with all sorts of tasks needing my attention, and I’ve been trying to knock them out a step at a time in a wild attempt to get that feeling of “caught up”, if such a thing is ever possible… Originally I’d been formatting all the Raw Cut tracks of the Blackspire sessions and wanting to get them out in their entirety so interested folks could listen early to the actual game-play well before the actual edited versions release. This would also let us plan ahead for better journal entry intros to each episode, and let my players review past games if they needed refreshers.

It was doing this that I discovered the missing material in the first place…

This quite threw me off from my big plans of getting the edits on Season 1 Episode 14 wrapped up (I absolutely need it completed before 11/11) to say nothing of anything beyond that (like the Red Moon episodes I really need to get to). I did eventually figure out all the gaps that need attention in the latest of the Blackspire episodes, and ultimately we’ll be ending up with only two episodes out of that gaming session as opposed to our usual three.

So be it.

I did manage to make a little time and finally mocked up the next promo image for Episode 14 of Adventure Hook… just in time too, since it debuts on Patreon in just a few days. Aaron‘s finishing up the edits on that episode and it was another good one…

Possibly not quite as exciting though as Episode 13 of Adventure Hook which came out this week just in time for Halloween. This was the one we did with Tim Seeley and hopefully will be a big hit.

Episode 13: A Bad Wizard in a Scary Tower

Aaron’s got some interesting ideas for out Christmas episode as well. It’s too early to talk about that yet, but if it goes the way we’re planning it should be another awesome collaboration.

It was also great to see Adventure Hook get enough reviews in iTunes that it’s actually displaying a customer average (5 stars of course). I wish Blackspire would also start trending like this, but it’ll naturally take time.

Blackspire Episode 13 (the one I’m actually nervous about) releases on Monday though. In theory it should be controversial. I just hope it starts bringing in new listeners… especially because it works fairly well as a stand-alone episode (though better of course if 12 or earlier precede listening).

Before all of this however, my mind was in a different place, as I was attempting to spiritually prepare myself for my lecture at the Theosophical Society over the weekend.

I won’t report on the number of hiccups that talk had as well, and while I’d planned to have three different recording devices going at once during the talk, only one (the one with the worst mic of the three) managed to successfully capture the audio of the talks.

At least I have something. I can’t say I’m truly happy with anything about what I actually managed to capture, but at least it’s done now. That and Jenny and I enjoyed our re-connection with the spiritually minded folks at TS. I’m still hesitant about the one I have to do in December, but I already know it’ll go better than this one… for how could it have possibly gone worse?

If that sounds like a dare to the Universe, it fucking is. I’m so sick of being a good loser. I’m just sore this time.

I’ve been talking with Brother Enlil a bit about what I’ve begun to seriously suspect is some kind of self-imposed jinx. I’ve been throwing myself into my daily rituals (LBRP and MP especially) trying to keep my energy high and my shields up, but fat lot of good that’ll do me if it turns out I’m my own worse enemy.

I know this runs deep. This is old. Like early childhood somewhere. I thought I could beat it, myself… maybe I’m still fighting… maybe I haven’t realized I’ve already lost… maybe it’s just the fucking planets.

It’s probably me.

Still with other things I’ve been trying to get rid of things that no longer serve their purpose. Remove the clutter to make way for what comes next. I even finally burned down my old elemental candles all the way to make room for new ones on my altar…

I’d dropped by Crystals, Candles, and Cauldrons in Hampden (when I was getting my hair cut at Old Bank Barbers in preparation for the lecture) and picked up some brand new candles and white sage to get my (spiritual) house in order.

I’m already feeling better than I had… let this be the end of it…


Wednesday 10/31/18-

Sun: Scorpio–

Moon: Leo (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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