So, I ended up getting such immediate (potentially) positive responses to both of my inquiries from last night, today I found myself wondering “did I even need to do magick yesterday to bring this about?”

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Maybe not. But, I realized that even that idea of “wasting time and resources” comes from a Scarcity mindset, and in the world of Abundance I am building for myself, I am abundant in both candles and copious amounts of free to time experiment with magick. It doesn’t actually matter to me if there was a direct correlation, I am simply grateful to experience such success and would happily have made the same offer for nothing.

For now it looks like while at least one of these new pursuits may contain a potentially insurmountable obstacle, both are off to positive starts and I now have a good feeling about both. Until things are set though, I’m not ready to share details.

It also looks like we’re in for a very educational next few days. This weekend marks the two-day workshop of classes and rituals on Enochian Magick at William Blake Lodge. It should be a pretty intense experience, and additionally it looks like Wimsaur will be crashing with us Saturday night (plus who knows who else…).

3_29_16 (1)

My design for the promotional artwork for this event.

And I was also made aware of an upcoming class entitled “Spoon Bending with Carole Pressnall” which will be held at the Center for Spiritual Living Central Maryland and if the Meetup write-up can be believed, we’re in for one wild time. I’ll try to get pictures.

And it’s a shame about the news coming out of Dallas this evening, but what else should we have expected on 7/7/7 (16 = 1+6)?

Thursday 7/7/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Leo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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