So, this week I was pretty single-minded in trying to get things positioned correctly to make all the Season 2 Blackspire stuff come together in a way that makes each of my players (and so by extension the listeners) really start to get engaged with their individual roles in the story… and then ultimately how they will all intertwine.

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No Adventure Hook recordings this week, which was a nice break considering how much busier my daytime obligation have been of late (which is a good thing). I’m caught up, and even a little ahead there, but I’ve got even more on my plate ahead of me, and with us needing to record a double header next week, things are looking a bit hectic.

To say nothing of the evenings of gaming ahead of us too..!

Still, I did manage to mock up a pretty “classic” image for the next Adventure Hook promo image, and I think it sums that episode’s premise up quite nicely…

This week Aaron proposed a very interesting idea he’d gotten from the podcast of previous AH guest Chris Lackey. That is, we’d only keep the 10 most recent episode of Adventure Hook live on iTunes, and any older than that get removed… but will live on forever archived on our Patreon page. We’ll still release episodes one week early there, but this method saves us from having to continually create more content for that feed, as well as monetizes what we’ve already completed…

And having these promo images still has value, as hopefully seeing one somewhere down the line makes a potential listener curious enough to want to go back and listen to the archives.

Our plan is to nix the older stuff next week, so all this week I’ve been tweeting up a storm, highlighting the promo art of the various old episodes that are about to go away from the free feed…

And that being said… the latest episode of Adventure Hook, Trial by Combat came out on Patreon this week as well. I finally managed to get some cohesive show notes together for it, and I think overall it’s another solid one for the books…

This week also marked the release of the latest Blackspire Patreon teaser… and again I don’t love the sound quality (we’d lost our main mic, but fortunately I had my lapel mic as backup) but that’s the last of it for teasers… plus I think the content is interesting enough that you soon forget that it sounds a bit hollow compared to our other stuff…

That being said, I’ve been hard at work prepping the next batch of Patreon-exclusive episodes, as well as some really intriguing new teasers to go along with them. These will all revolve around our newest player character Akihoshi, and while we’ll tease with pieces of some of the gazetteer and Blackspire campaign material we covered… we’ll leave out the most important bits… namely what choices her player Jen made to shape her character…

I made the things, and they make me want to know what she picks. The first of those teasers comes out next week, which is good because I’ve been a bit behind, so already put the first “getting to know you” episode with her up on Patreon already.

I also finished the edits on the following two character development episodes already this week as well. When you don’t have music and sound effects to worry about the process is much faster (more like an episode of Adventure Hook). Those two are now scheduled to release on Patreon on the first and third weeks of September, and I have mocked up teasers (with music for those) up through S2T10 to coincide.

I want these teasers to serve as previews enough that listeners of the show get a taste of what happened that episode, and even if they don’t back us they can still kind of follow along with some highlights while we make Season 2, but it should be clear they’re missing good stuff. No spoilers here!

With what I still have, I even mocked up some material to make an 11th and even a 12th teaser using choice Akihoshi material, and there will be even more of that to come as we’ll be doing another side session together this week to build on what we’ve already done. However, as far as teasers are concerned, I don’t want to over-focus, as I’ve also got a side session with Jim to also run this week (which he asked for so I haven’t planned much) and one for Jenny to bring her character into the events of Season 2 as well…

That one I’ve been prepping all week for…

Claerydia Saxum of the Medusae

There’s still work to be done before we play, but as one of the beats of her character we established was that every time she encounters her teacher (the assassin ant-man known as Hiveless) she’s supposed to try to kill him. Well, that should prove to be no easy feat at the best of times… and when will it ever be that?

So instead I’ve mocked up the actual dungeon where her master dwells, and where (as in times past) she’ll have to hunt him down each time she visits… all the while he’ll be hunting her in return…

Should be fun! And with this map handy (along with the leading names of each room) listeners should have plenty of resources to get their imagination a-stirring as we play through any and all encounters in the Lair of Hiveless. And if we ever needed to, this map also serves as a handy guide to recreating this (let’s face it… totally old skool) dungeon in Dwarven Forge pieces as well!

I’ve also been slowly plugging away at the two miniatures for Claerydia and Akihoshi… but they’re not there yet…

I feel that while there’s still plenty yet to flesh out before we play, I’ve already got some great content and some fun scenarios up my sleeve for Jenny’s new character Claerydia that will be fun well of side session material that we can go back to again and again… and most of which will all matter in the long run one way or another, though the full story will only ever be available on Patreon.

I’ve also been toying with ideas for the side session I want to run for player Dori’s vampire character Dori… and plan to enlist her husband Jason as well as Jenny to run some NPCs for that scenario.

I plan to use the conflict positioning of the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock diagram… (an obvious Pentagram).

Along with the polarities of the Holy Hexagram, which I’ve discussed many times on Adventure Hook….

To create some fairly interesting push/pull dynamics between the characters I’ll be creating to populate around the Solina character, that hopefully everyone will be able to get into the swing of fairly easily.

Especially when everyone’s secret agendas start to take hold…

I feel like we need an encounter that (while any scenario could potentially erupt in violence) is based solely on social interaction… with a solution that can be met through conversation as opposed to mechanics/combat/etc.

I’ve got some ideas, but it’s not really all there yet and my main focus this week has been on the objectives already mentioned anyway… I’ve also got a tentative hook for a Jolly Paul side session that came up last game… as well as trying to nail down a time to do a St. Jezebel resolution story… so there is plenty left to figure out.

This week also marked the fifth Maryland Folk Metal Fest, and so Jenny and I headed down to the Metro Gallery to catch the show…

Tengger Calvary was supposed to headline the show, but with the death of their lead singer a few months ago that was impossible. I’d only just seen them play in back December (see Happy Old Year) and I think it cast a shadow over the proceedings…

There were some fun acts, but as we didn’t actually have any friends in bands that were playing this show, we definitely had less “skin in the game”.

Brave the Sea

No mosh pits this time. Instead we has tapas


Friday 8/23/19-

Sun: Virgo–

Moon: Gemini (50% waning)

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For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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