I was happy to receive the survey today for the Kickstarter I’d supported from the guys at Gloaming Forge. They make custom engraved metal d20s, and I’ve opted to get a gold one in the dwarven runes style. Nerd-core.

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Now, while the approach of dipping the molds in the latex solution is a good idea in principle, in practice the molds end up taking a long time to dry, and often dry very unevenly, and you occasionally end up with pockets of air where you’d rather not have them, so I’ll probably stick to the pallet knife from here on out.


Now rather than just filling my d20 mold to the top, and carving the “1” in afterwards (my initial idea) I’ve opted to try to fashion a flap for the top, which will allow for a fully sealed interior (and theoretically allow for casting a more perfect shape) and any excess resin will leak through the gaps instead, and will likely be very easy to trim and sand if necessary.

To accomplish this and create a flap without having to cut into the latex, I’ve taken a piece of copper tape and bent it around two sides of the top. I built up the latex on the outside first, and now have added a new layer for the flap. It’ll probably take an additional application after this one.


I also had an interesting conversation with another patient at my chiropractor’s today. We’d ended up talking about Astrology and I ended up pulling her son’s chart and discussing what I saw there. I know I’m no expect compared to many professionals out there, but I’m sure I gave her more than she was expecting and left her a bit overwhelmed… as people whose zodiacal knowledge rarely extends beyond their sun sign can sometimes get when they start to realize how deep the Astrology rabbit hole really goes… I had fun anyway…


Tuesday 5/24/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Capricorn-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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