This week held both the usual sorts of challenges as well as a few new ones. Everything has a learning curve yet hopefully I haven’t bent too far beneath it…

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I buckled down and tried to figure out how best to edit together the new recordings I did last week with Jim into something actually listenable. I managed to cut out the worst of the chaff and was able to piece together the new two raw cuts of the Blackspire show with some more content that remains Patreon-only in the cuts.

But those raw cut lengths (once the exclusive stuff comes out) didn’t line up with the hour long segments the episodes usually run, but as luck would have it there was a natural break in our second cut that allowed for two decently paced episodes, which will end up becoming parts two and three of the BISHAMONTEN’s Big Day Out story-line… which I think will prove to be pretty entertaining, both as a raw cut and again in a more cleaned up and produced form.

I will need to get to that part pretty quickly actually, as I have fast run out of leeway and need to get S1E23 done and posted to Patreon/Blubrry by the end of next week. I’ve been hunting down some new free music to use, as I need more stuff with an Asian feel for these episodes. Fortunately if I get them wrapped this story-line will get me through releases for the end of May (making one full year of Blackspire!) and will give me time to schedule another session with a limited number of BRUW Crew members to wrap up their next intense scenario.

Especially because I’m beginning to hope I’ll finally have all my Red Moon recordings by next week sometime, and that I’ll finally be able to get that project back underway in a serious way.

And then there’s the new ideas for Jenny’s Season Two character I’ve been kicking around in my head… I still have some threads left to connect, but once I figure them out I have a feeling they’ll all start to tie together beautifully… and I’ve had one or two “ah-ha!” moments already…

But, this week I also managed to mock up the promo for our latest Adventure Hook episode. Yay!

Aaron and I recorded Episode 24 this week and we had another pretty interesting show I think. We managed to combine ideas from Irish folklore and Norse mythology with Rime of the Ancient Mariner and really explore the concept of the geas. I also end up ranting a bit about religion in RPGs in a way (though roundabout) hopefully ended up sparking a few magickal ideas in the listeners as well.

The next hook we rolled for next episode is a listener suggestion that in a way is very close to a concept I’ve had on my old Pitch List for many years now. That summary is below, but I even have an entire 40 page treatment I’d written for it once which I think I’ll actually mine a bit for this episode.

The Princess of Doorways

Done in the style of a classic fairy tale, this story concerns a mysterious artist who arrives at a royal palace and offers to create magical works of art. He creates trompe l’oeil murals of such detail and wondrous design that it seems almost as if he has created doors into other worlds. Indeed, the castle goers eventually learn that at certain times during the night, these doors can be passed through and the magical worlds beyond entered. Painted to best suit the needs of the viewer, these places offer realms of peace, beauty, and wonderment… and some souvenirs can even be brought back from those places to the real world. And so the greedy king orders the magician to paint rooms full of treasures and other delights to slake his gluttonous desires. At first the magician agrees, but when he refuses later, even more extravagant, orders the king has him thrown in the dungeon (which he promptly escapes by drawing himself an exit). Out of revenge, the wizard returns and secretly paints gateways to monstrous places and the dark creatures that dwell there begin to emerge and plague the castle. A brave young princess, who had nothing but love for the wizard and his magical creations, must brave the dangers of the dark realms (accompanied by her friend, the stable boy) and confront the magician to save her people.

*** A full outline for this story is complete and available for review.

I also have an idea of how to start creating pretty simple promo videos for Adventure Hook we can share on social media and get us more attention/sell the show more. It’s really just the “simple” matter of figuring out which short sound bite from each episode best goes with the promo image we design for each and then (maybe with some fun music) string a few together and make a quick short.

Maybe every five episode becomes one video, and so we’d put a new one out every five after too… that would leave me four to make at least, but I do think I’ve got a fairly good idea of which sound clips might work best. I may even try my luck with Lightworks again since I don’t plan to do much fancy editing here. We’ll see how that goes…

I’ve also been kicking around the designs for the resources I need to create for the Ravenloft masterclass Legend Lore stuff… namely the charts that will compare and contrast the tarokka gaming resource to the actual Rider-Waite tarot.

For now though I’m just assembling my resources into different files to work from. I do own physical copies of both decks, but since scans already exist I figured I’d save myself the trouble, but either way they’re going to require lots of clean up…

Here are just a few examples of where I’m starting from…

Rider-Waite tarot deck compared with the Ravenloft tarokka deck

Rider-Waite tarot deck compared with the Ravenloft tarokka deck

I also did a little bit of redesign on the Adventure Hook d20 tables since we of course had a new open spot, and filled it with a suggestion from Brother Enlil inspired by his new company (I wonder if you could guess which one).

We’re excited because he’ll be visiting us later this month, which is always a good time.

After an incredibly long hiatus, with Jenny’s considerable aid I’m dipping my toe back into the world of eBay (and was surprised to see how well the platform has evolved). While I certainly made some amateurish mistakes, but nevertheless we did manage to move a few collectibles left over from our Diamond Comics days.

We have a handful of interesting items available now and plenty more collectible comics and other pop-culture related stuff to list now that I’m getting the hang of it we’ll be sure to put more up.

This week also marked our little nephew’s second birthday and we spent that Sunday down in DC at my sister’s place. We also ended up fighting the cherry blossom traffic both ways, though we didn’t actually get a chance to see the blossoms this year…

Aunt Jenny helps the birthday boy to properly operate his new bubble pipe

And finally, I also managed to shoot some halfway decent photos of that
The Archangel Michael statue I finished last week, and added even more of them to the Blackspire Studios Facebook Page as well…

See, I can paint something larger than an inch or so tall… though this guy did end up counting as at least a 4″ base…


Friday 4/12/19-

Sun: Aries–

Moon: Cancer (50% Waxing)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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