Today Jenny and I met Brother Alex, Wimsaur and Soror Queaseitor In Pace at William Blake Lodge so we could practice the Solstice Ritual in the actual temple space. However, Frater Superabo, who is fulfilling the role of the Archangel Michael couldn’t make it today, so I’ll need to work something out with him.

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Of course, like a dumb-ass I completely forgot to snap any pictures of our set up in the temple, but I think what I have planned is going to work very nicely. And it was a pretty rough set-up, I still have a lot to prep, but I’ll be sure to remember to shoot some pictures the actual day of when everything is set up.

We practiced for close to six hours before calling it a day. There’s still work to do (and a Michael to prep) but I feel good about the practice. However, before we left to rehearse, I finally went ahead and began the casting of the orgonite lid to my Water Cup. I used a blue food coloring this time, but tried not to make the color so opaque that it will completely hide my little lapis lazuli and sapphire unicursal hexagram ensemble which will make up the core of this piece of orgonite.


At the very top (or bottom in this case) of the mold I made is a little dimple where I placed a small silver magnet, which will be sealed in the orgonite at the lid’s point. I plan to connect it to a magnet on the lace veil which covers this magickal weapon when not in use, to hold it in place.


I then placed the stones inside and added enough (blue) epoxy resin to just cover the copper hexagram. It should probably be cured in a day or so, so it should in theory be ready to come out by tomorrow evening.

However, this evening, as one of the things we’re doing in the ritual is I-Ching divinations for the participants, I went ahead and transferred this chart from my magickal journal into my copy of the I-Ching.


As I looked inside, I realized I got this copy of the Book of Changes from Book Thing, which was a truly awesome place in Baltimore Jenny and I would sometimes go to (and over the years had donated literally thousands of dollars worth of books to). We were both devastated to hear about the fire they suffered back in March. The I-Ching was the only even remotely occult-related book I could find there the last time we went (“New Age” was not a popular section) but at least this copy didn’t burn, and now (as it’s also aptly yellow) I’m going to use it in my ritual.

The Solstice ritual is less than two weeks away. I’ve got a lot of ground to cover still, but I’m confident things will work out.


Sunday 6/5/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Gemini-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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