I was sure to do my daily rituals early in the day today as I wasn’t in the house for most of it. Included in the routine was my monthly offerings to renew our Abundance Jar. Then Jenny and I were off to DC to visit Soror Sekhmet and Soror Butterfly, former O.T.O. members and fellow participants in our Temple of the Western Gate magickal group.

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I’ve long struggled to achieve success with Astral Projection, and Sekhmet leads a very rich Astral life (a side-effect of her debilitating physical ailments) and so I’d asked her a long time ago to assist me with some instruction. She went a step further and wrote up a little class for us for today. Sekhmet is also very immersed in Rosicrucianism… and she based some of her class on her own instructions and the rest on her personal experience. Jenny in particular has recently developed an interest in AMORC, so this was also a great opportunity for the two of them to discuss that stuff as well.

We began with some general discussion on the topic, then opened with the LBRP which I performed. We then did some vibrations to open key energy channels, but as Sekhmet was hesitant to even share those with us, I won’t repeat them here. We then moved on to practicing the LBRP Astrally… and while I did have a few key moments of clear vision (of my hands and then later myself from behind), though it was a good meditation session, I do not consider it actual success.


We them moved on to practice projecting ourselves into the Magician card. I chose the Rider Waite Deck, as even though I’m a Thelemite, I prefer it to the Thoth Deck for my own work. I had even less success with this exercise than the LBRP, and found myself getting a little frustrated with myself and had to eventually admit failure. I’m still missing something key and obvious with this practice…

We closed with the (physical) LBRP, this time performed by Butterfly, then just hung out, gnoshed on meat, cheese, veggies, and crackers, and shot the shit. I’m still committed to learning this practice, and everyone else seems to have had a good time too, so we agreed we should try to meet semi-regularly to continue practicing. Then it was back in the car and home again.

I didn’t get any painting done today, but I did manage to add another layer of the latex mold to the unfinished pieces. I also managed to remove the two ornate column pieces, so I have those molds ready now too.



Saturday 5/21/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Sagittarius (FULL)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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