I awoke to good news today. After months without result, Jenny received a request to set up a phone interview this week. She then showed me the website of the place she wants to work, and I have to say, it looks right up her alley.

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I don’t want to jinx anything, but as lately I’d been feeling like the Jupiter candle I’d done for her last month had definitely failed to produce my intended result, I felt like I wanted to do something more for her here. So, I just dressed a yellow candle with Road Opener oil for her and suggested she simply light it in offering during the hour of the Sun (which was right then conveniently enough).

That may have done the trick, because it wasn’t long after that she received a second request to set up an interview this week from a different establishment! We both feel like there’s been a real shift in energy towards something positive, but there’s no point in getting ahead of ourselves. Still though…

Also, my inelegance in managing this blog really shown today, as to my chagrin I realized that a number of people had been making comments on various posts and I (not getting the alert) assumed they were all spam. One of those people was “The Friend”, the lady who’d presented the spoon-bending class (c/o of the Baltimore Friends of IONS) we’d attended last month at the Center for Spiritual Living Central Maryland.

It seems The Friend is also a member of the Theosophical Society in Maryland, and she has invited me to come give some talks there on magick, art, and I guess myself. This Lodge is actually celebrating its centennial this year! Most occultists like myself have a deep respect for Madame Blavatsky, so I feel deeply honored to have received this invitation.

How cool. Now I have to figure out what to talk about…

I also had a fun call with Aaron today, and we talked Black Knight some more, specifically swapping ideas about certain secrets behind the assassin Winter’s Breath and the masks members of her Order wear. He’s also started working exclusively digitally on a tablet for his comic line and color work, and is starting some character designs for Winter’s Breath which I am almost giddy to see.

We also talked gaming, and I helped him string together some “Cthulhuian” ideas together with what elements he’d already established for his players in game, and together figured out the dynamics of his players’ next upcoming challenge. We ended the call when he was off to run the actual game.

But perhaps most interestingly, tonight Jenny and I started experimenting with hypnosis. Specifically I tried my own trance induction routine (that was essentially a guided Relaxation Ritual) and once I felt confident she’d entered a Theta state (not particularly difficult for her) I went ahead and administered a suggestibility test. The Barber Scale seemed like the simplest of the pre-fab tests I’d found (for both of us as first timers).

We had mixed results, some very interesting, some definitely more successful than others, but thanks to Jenny’s feedback I definitely learned more about what I was doing wrong that hampered results. Next time I’ll be able to check those less than effective approaches and I’m sure our next attempt will be even more successful.

And I can’t tell you how I know… but in case you missed it today, here’s for-real proof we’ve found intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy. In a few years I guarantee extraterrestrial life will be commonly accepted as fact worldwide… you may even have your own alien “Spacebook” friends in a few years…


Monday 8/29/16-

Sun: Virgo-

Moon: Leo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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