My oh my do things appear to be in motion. In fact things are all gearing up for some kind of major change in the coming week. And that’s not just the fact that all the planets have finally gone direct…

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Brother Enlil shares these sentiments. In fact he’ll be visiting us this weekend and we plan to do some kind of ritual while he’s here. And while he’s here there will be another red/wolf/blood/super moon eclipse… and so it seems like the ideal time for a major shift… a major enlightenment… I know there are mass meditations geared towards Full Disclosure (in in “suppressed technologies”) and it’s probably time I start peaking more freely and openly about my own desires for this… but it still feels premature. I’m content to work in the background on this one… my public focus can be on Occult Disclosure.

And of course we need to discuss our new Temple of the Western Gate podcast, which still strikes me as the best way I can be of service to my fellow man…

Still, I was hoping we might be able to also experiment with the new spirit box Brother Enlil’s building, but he’s still in the process of developing it… in fact he plans to develop two versions, one for the “layman” and another specifically designed for magicians. He’s excited though, and it’s got me excited. Plus once the time comes I’ll do all the 2D sigil work on the magick version and who knows what results we’ll end up getting… more on that (and other Temple of the Western Gate stuff) as they develop…

For my part I buckled down, and plowed through the edits on the next two YouTube videos that needed to get done. I probably agonized over them longer than was necessary, but I managed to get two halfway decent videos together, and posted online:

In the field of magick, it is often worthwhile to regularly go back and review the fundamentals. Join Robert Randle for a brief review of his previous lecture and then engages with members of the Theosophical Society in Maryland in a lively Q&A back and forth. Topics covered include Schools of Magick, The 7 Hermetic Principles, Creating Sigils, Shadow Self Integration, I.O.B., and much more!

So, with that now done, I dove into trying to get the edits underway for Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual. Unfortunately, I appear to be asking too much of LightWorks, as now my poor sequence keeps crashing every time I try to edit it and I can’t keep working on it. It’s been more than a little frustrating/disheartening, but maybe I just need to put it to the side on focus on other things…

Still, Aaron and I recorded another episode of Adventure Hook this week and honestly it felt good to get back into that and just do something creative. Probably not our best or worst show, but it was a pretty good one and we had a pretty good groove all the way through it.

We’ve opted to trade off taking turns editing each episode, and since he did our Xmas episode I’ll be doing this one. While there’s a spot or two that needs to be trimmed, for the most part we have close to another two-hour show. Compared to Blackspire it’s an easy show to edit… like I’m almost looking forward to doing it…

But speaking of Blackspire… maybe I shouldn’t speak of Blackspire.

All I can say is I clearly can’t do it on my own.



Monday 1/14/19-

Sun: Capricorn–

Moon: Aries (50% Waxing)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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