It’s been tougher than I’ve expected trying to get back into things since we lost our poor cat Grimmy, and while I’ve kept my gears more in the “idle” position, things still manage to creep forward ever so slightly.

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My YouTube Channel continues slow but steady growth. Oddly enough, I passed 222 subscribers on the same day that a viewer made a comment that I knock on the table at 11:11 during my Magick 101 Pt 1 lecture… which I’d not noticed at all before being pointed out to me.

This video is also coming dangerously close to hitting 5000 views…

I know I need to think about Magick more as I come closer to needing to think about presentations for the Theosophical Society but my heart’s not really there currently, as I need to get a firmer grip on all things podcast-y…

Additionally, it felt good to get back into the recording of new content, as Aaron and I recorded our first episode of Adventure Hook since launching that podcast and we both feel like it was probably our best one yet. It should end up being Episode 5: The Mysterious Stranger.

Also, this week I did the final edits of Adventure Hook Episode 3: The Lights in the Woods which we made available to Patreon supporters on Monday, and which will be available to everyone else on the 11th.

I even mocked up another promo image we could use for Facebook, Twitter and the like. I thought that because we discuss them during the show, but also because they’re handy content I’d include the Laws of the Feywild I’d put together.

Adventure Hook: Episode 3 – The Lights in the Woods

Maybe it’ll get some shares or what have you…

Also, of course this week was the release of the next Episode of the main Blackspire podcast. By the end of this show the full cast has been introduced and the players begin taking their first baby steps into a wider world.

Based on the BluBrry analytics, it’s already had a handful of unique listens, so here’s hoping it’s the start of a beautiful fanbase.

Fresh Blood From A Stone: Pt 2 (S01E02)


And, there’s been another bright spot. On last week’s episode of Laughfinder, our resident stone golem player Jim Meyer plugged his involvement in the Blackspire podcast, and here’s hoping it becomes a regular part of his sign off.

Season 3 Episode 37 Infinity Brawl

I’ve also slowly plugging away at the Season Zero: Episode 2 file, but as this material is only me talking, I feel the need to give each section a constant musical track… so, unlike the usual Blackspire episodes, I require much more music, and the search/selection/sync process is a bit more laborious than I’d first thought.

It’s gonna be a slow build before we “get” anywhere, but I’ll keep building.


Tuesday 6/6/18-

Sun: Gemini–

Moon: Pisces (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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