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Holiday for the Holidays

This hook was originally provided by our good friend Hjalmar Nordén of Red Moon Roleplaying, and we used it to compare Lovecraftian horror with the realities of climate change, which then became the springboard to discuss the concepts of Solarpunk (as well as the magickal Holy Hexagram).


Hard to Harden a Heavy Heart

‘ve started to define this effect as “nothing is manifesting at its stated intended time”. If feels like the Universe’s gears are slipping and nothing is “clicking” like it should… though I am getting a few random twinges of deja vu here and there this week, and I usually interpret that as a True Will path. And so, even if this week was filled with its fair share of disheartening moments, I’ve decided to open myself up to the possibility at least some of it will one day wind up as something even better down the line…


Christmas Came EARLY this Year…

So today (and it being a New Moon and all) I sent out to my editor the finished first draft script for my story “Iceland’s Last Yule/First Christmas”… which ended up taking the Yule Lad folklore, and using it as a vehicle to be one big love letter to Viking culture, Icelandic history and sagas, Norse mythology, comparative religion, dark fantasy, and of course all things magick.


Resuming (The New) Normalcy

I’m pleased that upon reflecting on the past week my initial feeling was it was a nice, normal week… and then realizing how much was accomplished (and how much fun was had) makes me quite grateful for my “normal” life.