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Foresight is 2020

It was nice to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, as Aaron and I recorded the next episode of Adventure Hook just before the New Year clicked over. This wound up being Episode 38: The Strange Folk, and not only have I also already knocked out the edits (and accompanying show notes) for that episode, but I even mocked up a promo for it I’m actually somewhat pleased with.


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Gleðileg Jól, et al. to all!

No blog post this week! I’m with family and I hope you’re with your family (in whatever form that takes for you) too… So instead, make sure you give the holiday episodeRead More…


Holiday for the Holidays

This hook was originally provided by our good friend Hjalmar Nordén of Red Moon Roleplaying, and we used it to compare Lovecraftian horror with the realities of climate change, which then became the springboard to discuss the concepts of Solarpunk (as well as the magickal Holy Hexagram).