As seems to be the typical case whenever we hold one of our magickal gatherings, the Universe seems fit to test our members to see who really wants to come…

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This time it was freezing rain the night before that coated every surface with a thick coat of ice. But, by midday the roads had all melted so we decided we’d still host for those willing to make the trip. Of my dozen expected, we ended up losing a handful, including Frater Superabo (who would be there astrally) and “The Friend”, whose intuition told her to stay home this time (so we’ll move her presentation to the next gathering). We ended up with a total of seven practitioners, which turned out to be quite apropos (planetarily speaking)…

We began with me opening the Temple with my Qabbalistic Ankh ritual, and immediately followed up with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) which I performed in a more “old skool” manner than I might have in private. Wimsaur and I both agreed we definitely needed to “thoroughly clean house” energetically speaking before attempting this next portion of the ritual, so I tried to give it my all and think things got off to a pretty good start.

Wimsaur then took over to lead us in his operation of a Greater Invoking Hexagram ritual, and he came prepared, including robing up and utilizing a new “YHVH” wand he recently had commissioned. He began by inscribing the invoking hexagrams for each of the seven planets: Mercury in the East, Jupiter in the West, Mars in the South, Venus in the North, Saturn above, Luna below, and Sol within. With each planetary name, we all assisting in vibrating it in harmony with him.

When we reached the part after he finished his projection of Luna, I felt a distinctive change to the energy of the room, and everything felt very calm and balanced and “squared”. I’ve carried that sensation with me since which was certainly the point, to balance the energies around us, merge the Above and Below to create the Holy Hexagram within, and align us with our True Wills.

After the planetary powers were called, he then led us all in a pre-planned guided meditation where one by one we would visualize and identify these energies as personal god-forms. Wimsaur had been encouraging me a lot lately to try to work more with my Reliquum deities, so I did so with this operation with some interesting results. We probably moved through this part a little quicker than I wanted to give it, but I don’t really consider that a criticism.

After this part was finished, Wimsaur then inscribed an invoking hexagram of Sagittarius, and after asking for its philosophical blessings for all of us, he quickly banished it the same way.

His portion of the operation complete, I then took back over, and much the same way, closed down the Temple with the LBRP and Qabbalistic Ankh.

I think everyone there really got something out of participating in this event, and as usual at these things, people hung out after until late (or crashed for the night) and we spent the evening talking magick and drinking an incredible wine that AP, one of the members brought. We also did a little ceremony for a friend of his that passed quite recently using the Collect for the End from Liber XV.

May she see the accomplishment of her True Will.

We also all got talking about some new magickal projects the Temple of the Western Gate could do together, some related to group-charging magickal objects and such, but some of it is the kind of stuff that for reasons best left unsaid will never find its way onto this blog.

And was wont to happen, to the O.T.O. brothers like Frater Raziel and Jack ‘o the Green, I privately gave them the diplomatic version of recent events, but that’s Fraternal business and not anything I’ll share here either.

Really, really good stuff. Nights like this seem like a big reason I felt led to this practice in the first place.


Saturday 12/17/16-

Sun: Sagittarius-

Moon: Leo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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