At long last, today I (permanently) attached the four Archangel medallions that my wife gave me to my four magickal weapons.

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The emblems came from Crystals, Candles, and Cauldrons and I’ve had them for a long long time, and them being the crown jewels of consecrating my sacred objects has now seemingly always meant to be their final purpose. I used epoxy to attach them, of course, and now while they finally feel finished… but they won’t actually feel complete until I actually use them in ritual for the Solstice. Kinda like how a car doesn’t really feel like its yours until you drive it off the lot into traffic…


I also went ahead and spray painted the lid I’ll be using for the Honey (Abundance) Jar for the Solstice ritual. It’s the same sculpt I used to make the mold for the Water Cup lid, and as the plan is now to add some of the charged water to the jar during the ritual, its association to Gabriel seems appropriate. Plus Soror Queaseitor In Pace informed me yesterday she’s been maintaining the regiment of keeping the charged water in a south-facing window and turning it 90 degrees each day, and she says it’s positively humming now. I knew it was right to put that in her care, as it is her role as Gabriel to bring the water in the actual ritual as well.


Now, before I get to the next part, I want to mention something weird that happened to me today. I usually don’t talk about my experiences in my daily ritual practice, as as a rule that’s all personal and I don’t feel it’s appropriate to share. However, as I’m really trying to get psyched for the Solstice, today I really wanted to give it my all, and included some ritual work that I’ll be honest I haven’t made part of my daily practice in a while.

Things had been going quite well for a good while until I got to the Middle Pillar (or for today the “Greater Advanced” Middle Pillar, where I attempt to individually activate all the chakras (not just the ones Israel Regardie included) as well as some fairly intense Circumambulation of Light. I’d reached the part where I was visualizing the light all being sucked down into my Terra chakra (leaving everything else black) then exploding up the column of light, out my fingertips and out of my head like a geyser to splash and scintillate down the curve of my energetic field, then repeat…

I time this exercise with pranayama breathing (in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, relax for 4) but I was getting some really intense results repeating this, so this time one time I held for 8… and suddenly was elsewhere.

The sensations were very peaceful, and while I’ll probably always struggle to remember the specifics of the experience (which felt more like an informative lecture, one not unlike the “Green Temple” dreams I so infrequently can recall)… what I do remember is suddenly realizing I hadn’t finished the Middle Pillar exercise, then wondering why I couldn’t stand up straight.

I opened my eyes then to realize I’d been lying on the floor and my entire body had been convulsing. With my limbs still shaking, I willed myself to “grab the reigns” again, and managed to regain my equilibrium and finally my feet. It freaked me out a bit, I’ll be honest, but besides a slight headache, I felt fine afterwards… and just went ahead and closed up with the The Qabbalistic Ankh.

Now, I’m the first to admit there is probably a physiological explanation for what was basically me fainting. I’d been standing for close to an hour at that point, I’d been working up a lot of oxygen and flexing my muscles back and forth from tense to relaxed and back… plus I hadn’t done an exercise that intense for a while either… so I probably just made myself pass out. But, so what..? It doesn’t change the fact that elsewhere felt like a real experience to me… and it was only once I typed this up that I made the connection to the fact that today I’d also just finished my four sacred weapons… a day of firsts…

But anyway, so today I also decided I was going to go ahead and cut the piece of glass I planned to use for the altar for the Solstice. I measured it out, clamped it down, and then broke out my grandfather’s old glass cutter and went to work.


The glass was pretty thin, but I made sure to score the hell out of it. I also used a little bit of honing oil to lubricate the wheel and aid in the cutting.


I didn’t have room to break it off in my studio, so I took it downstairs, and with one quick (accidental) bend I broke it off. Now, it didn’t break completely cleanly (it was my fault, I put too much pressure on it while I was testing where I wanted to grip it) but I was able to snap off the other shards, sand the edge down and then cover that edge with copper tape.


I then broke out my trusty adhesive remover and went to work removing the factory gunk from it, which was a piece of cake…

Then, just as I had used glass cleaner to wipe off the top, and was turning the glass over to clean the back, the whole thing broke off at the corner.

I kinda lost my shit for a little bit then, kicking myself for not being careful enough, and then I realized it was probably inevitable… that where I’d clamped the glass down to cut it had probably cause microscopic fractures in the thin glass, and it breaking was only a matter of time. I guess… better it happen today, than say, the day of the ritual for instance. I’d have taken that as a very bad omen…

Still… the experience threw me a bit, so this evening I did a little Tarot reading for myself, to see what obstacles I must overcome for the Solstice ritual to be a success… and BAM!


I interpreted this reading very favorably indeed. The ritual’s success seems assured from on high, as the only thing it seems that could disrupt the ritual’s success is me

But next time I go to Home Depot, I’m getting a goddam sheet of plexiglass instead…


Sunday 6/12/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Virgo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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