By one of those nifty coincidences, this year the Summer Solstice is the same day as the full moon, so I ended up doing two different operations today…

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Firstly, as today was the full moon, as part of my daily ritual work, I did my little ceremonial offering to the Earth Spirits who reside in my Abundance Jar. As usual, five different types of alcohol were aerated over the packed earth inside. Also, this was the first time I set up my double cube altar and actually placed my sacred weapons atop it. I hadn’t had all four finished before now, and if you don’t have all four it’s better to not place any, which is what I’ve done up until now.

BGE was in and out of the house most of the day today fixing a gas leak (one which I complained about months ago and they ignored), and out the window there, you can see the patch of sidewalk they dug up and then eventually filled back in, and even signed their asphalt masterpiece… Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of performing my noon Liber Resh with strangers in the house, but I did it anyway (they’re the ones invading my privacy, let them be the ones to feel uncomfortable).

Also, you can see my stone dragon “gargoyle” at the top of the steps there, and under the light of the full moon this evening, I also poured an offering of rum to the guardian spirits who watch my home and take up residence there. I usually leave a weekly tobacco offering to the dragon, whom I’ve affectionately named “Gem Lung” but decided to work this into the monthly renewal as well.


Also, as I’d been neglectful recently, I was sure to pull out my crystal “chakra rope” that I keep under my mattress to (in theory) help align and energize my etheric field while I sleep. I set it in my south facing window, so it will get a full day’s sun (and this was a good day for it, being the longest day of the year after all) as well as a full night’s (full) moonlight. As I haven’t given it the chance to recharge in a few months, I may want to leave it on the windowsill for another full day and night’s rotation before putting it back under the bed.

But, my second operation of the evening came at the last hour before sunset, which today was the Hour of the Sun, and I lit my personal Wealth Candle in offering to my own Honey Jar, and even added a little bit of the left over charged Abundance water from Saturday’s Solstice ritual (that never made it into Gabriel’s chalice, but believe me, it’s still humming) to the jar.


Wealth Candle burnt in offering to my Honey Jar.

Now that the wax has all melted down and the candle has burned out, I’ll be burying the remnants on my property, and the Honey Jar will take up residence on my shelf of magick books, opposite my Earth Jar.

May it see all my successes doubled once more.


Monday 6/20/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Capricorn (FULL)-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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